It’s no secret that I love Fall. It’s simply my favorite. So, although I have vowed to take it easy on the seasonal decorating inside this year while we are in the middle of house renovations, that didn’t stop me from busting out some quick and simple Fall decorating. With only supplies I had laying around and less than an hour on a perfectly cool Sunday afternoon, I was able to put together these super easy studded pumpkins and satisfy my need for speed Fall decorating without going all out.

super easy studded pumpkins

I used two little pumpkins that I bought to put outside (because this whole limited decorating thing doesn’t apply to the outside of our house. Come on people…I can’t totally shut it off) some push pins that I had in my desk and my favorite gold spray paint.

super easy studded pumpkins

I only had silver pins so I stuck the each one in a piece of cardboard so that I could quickly coat all of the tops with my gold spray paint but if you already have gold push pins (or would rather go pick up a pack at the store) go for it. That’s one less step for this already embarrassingly simple project.

super easy studded pumpkins

In just a few minutes, they were dry and ready to go.

super easy studded pumpkins

I kept things super simple and just followed the natural lines in the pumpkins and applied the pins. Depending on how many pins you have, you could add more or less, create your own designs, or do whatever your heart desires. Go on, live a little, you pumpkin studding machine you!

super easy studded pumpkins

I just stuck them in with some mums and some of our go-to Halloween decorations and called it a day.

super easy studded pumpkins

It just adds a little sparkle to a simple seasonal setup outside. Because, if my mother taught me anything, it’s to never pass up a little sparkle ;)

super easy studded pumpkins

Easy peasy. The only way it could be simpler is to not decorate at all…and that, my friends, is not an option at our house.

How are you decorating for the Fall season? Are you keeping it simple or going all out?



Oh what a year it has been.

Yesterday, we took a few moments out of our busy schedules to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. It’s crazy to me how it can feel like we’ve been married for a whole lot longer than one year, while at the same time feeling like our wedding was yesterday. (Check out all the details from our wedding day here!) In order to celebrate Joe putting up with me for an entire year our first year of marriage we decided to stay true to ourselves and stay in and celebrate our special day in the place we love most…home. our 1st wedding anniversary

We recreated one of the dishes served at our wedding, popped open our 1st anniversary bottle of champagne (courtesy of our bridesmaid’s) and, of course, defrosted the top tear of our wedding cake that we’ve had in the freezer for the last year. Because nothing says love like year old, freezer burnt cake.

Just kidding, it was delicious.

our 1st wedding anniversary

We exchanged gifts, flipped through our wedding album, reliving our wedding day… And the best part of all? Opening the notes left in for us by our wedding guests to be opened on our 1st anniversary.

our 1st wedding anniversary

We kept things simple…and it was perfect.

One year ago, I made the best decision of my life and that, for one, deserves some serious celebration!

Happy Anniversary Joe! I love you!


With everything that has been going on lately, procrastination has been at an all time low, and while I realize that that’s a good thing, that doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up my favorite hobby bad habit.

There was no procrastination to be had this weekend though because we have been hard at work trying to get our living room (check out some of that progress here & here) ready in time for the cold weather that is knocking on the door. So far, we’ve ripped out all of the paneling and those old dropped ceilings and installed the brand new recessed lights.

installing recessed lightsSince that picture, insulation has also been installed and we’re hopeful that drywall will start going up this week. It’s hard to even remember when it looked like this!

But, back to the real matter at hand, since I’ll never let a little work get in the way of aimlessly trolling the internet…let’s procrastinate shall we?

*I was able to carve out a little time this weekend to head out to the country for a birthday celebration with my best friends…and boy, it was just what I needed!

*Who else is excited about Target’s styling videos with Emily Henderson?! YES PLEASE. There’s even a video.


via Emily Henderson

*Jenny’s monochromatic prints are gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this out. If only my basement wasn’t still full of boxes #unpackingprocrastination

*Have you ever seen a more beautiful wedding?!

via The Makerista

*A painted tile kitchen backsplash that’s perfect for an inexpensive kitchen update.

*This easy and delicious recipe for homemade bread just screams “FALL!” to me. Now I’m hungry…

via Domino

Now, go try and make this Monday a good one!


I know things have been a little quit on the blog lately, so I think it’s time that we ketchup. (Wait for it….wait for it…)

I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather lately by taking my projects outside and painting and priming all of the doors in the house. I like the character that these old doors bring to the party so rather than replacing them I’m giving them a fresh coat of white paint to lighten and brighten up the space. naturally cleaning old brass hardwareI think we all know how to paint a flat surface, so I won’t bore you with those details, but the one tip I will give you about painting wood surfaces, whether it’s doors, trim, paneling, etc., is to use a good oil based primer before applying coats of paint. (My go-to primer is this one.) This step will really save you a lot of time and money and help you avoid putting a million thick layers of paint on your wooden surfaces.

So, while I watched paint dry the paint was drying, I got to thinking about the other finishes I wanted on the doors. I had assumed that I would just buy new (probably black) knobs and hinges but the more I looked at the existing (original) hardware, the more my brain wheels started turning. Unfortunately, when I removed the knobs from the doors, they were so old that they really couldn’t be save and then re-installed. If they had been really cool old knobs I might have tried harder to save them but, to be honest, they weren’t worth the struggle in my mind so they will be replaced with new black knobs.

The hinges, on the other hand, were a different story. naturally cleaning old brass hardwareBefore you start calling me crazy, I know the current state of these old brass hinges are rough. They’re heavily tarnished and dirty and don’t look like much but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to save them. The thought of freshly painted crisp, white doors with shiny new/old original brass hinges made me irrationally excited.

With all of the paint, fumes, and other, let’s call it “accoutrement” that comes along with an ongoing home renovation, I wanted to go a more natural route when it came to de-tarnishing and cleaning the brass hinges. So, naturally, I headed to my pantry. naturally cleaning old brass hardwareI grabbed some white vinegar, ketchup and super fine steel wool that I had leftover from my dresser project and got to work on naturally cleaning these old brass hinges.

I wasn’t looking for a super shiny finish on the hinges, which is why I chose to use the ultra fine steel wool, but if you want to avoid dulling the metal, I would avoid using anything abrasive like this that may scratch or dull the surface a bit.

naturally cleaning old brass hardwareI threw all of the screws into some white vinegar and just let them set for about an hour. These guys are so small that I didn’t really plan to do much else to them. Once they sat for a while, I dumped them in a strainer and rinsed them off, leaving them to air dry on their own.

(P.S. You should you definitely use an old bowl or grab a cheap one from the thrift store that won’t be used with food for this project. You don’t want any of those brass particles lingering when you go to use the bowl for cooking.)naturally cleaning old brass hardwareI did the same with the hinges, letting them sit in the vinegar for an hour or so. Once they were good and soaked, I put on a pair of rubber gloves, squeezed a little ketchup on top (just like you would with dish soap on your dishes) and scrubbed with the steel wool.

You definitely need to put on a little pressure when scrubbing in order to really reveal that silky brass beneath but it doesn’t take long to see that prettiness coming through. naturally cleaning old brass hardwareAnd pretty soon, here’s what you get! I wanted to keep a little bit of that tarnish in places to give it a bit of an old with new feeling and bring out some of that old character in the hinges, but obvious, you can control that with you level of scrubbing. naturally cleaning old brass hardwareI think the before and after really speaks for itself and I’m so happy with my decision to refinish these hinges before painting or replacing them.

I’m excited to get the doors finished and dried and ready to re-install with these pretty ladies and you know I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when that goes down ;)

Happy Hump Day!