Another busy weekend behind us and we’re back to Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend! Like I told you last week, we have been busting our butts getting messy demo work done in anticipation of moving furniture in this weekend and with the help of a few family members, we did just that. Saturday was spent moving over the bulk of our large furniture items into the new house and Sunday, Joe and continued making progress on the house. It’s looking like we’ll be making the transition to full-time living in the new place this Thursday so we’ll be working hard to make things happen by then.

But in the meantime, since it’s Monday and all, let’s procrastinate, shall we?!

*Joe spent most of the day Sunday ripping out the old (and quite excessive) cross-beams in for our new living room ceiling and I have the low-quality iPhone pics to prove it… Let's procrastinate

let's procrastinateIt may seem like a crazy mess but if your remember what we started with…trust me, it’s MAJOR progress!

*Is it just me or do these twice baked blue potatoes look too pretty to eat!? let's procrastinate*I love a good kitchen rug and these 9 kitchens certainly pull it off! let's procrastinate*Ladies, are you aware of what your ponytail says about you?!

*This clever tip for disguising garbage cans has me thinking about ideas for hiding all kinds of ugly stuff (I’m looking at you, ugly AC condenser!) let's procrastinate*If only my dorm room could have looked like this

*This gorgeous bathroom renovation is just as beautiful as the rest of Sarah’s house… Let's procrastinate

I’ll keep this one short because it is Monday after all. But the good news? Tomorrow’s Tuesday!


We’re still chugging along at the new house to get all the demo and more invasive/dusty/dirty working (say that 5 times fast!) done before we start moving furniture in. (Check out some of the progress here, here and here) The last couple weeks sure have been crazy/hectic/chaotic ones but, boy, I’m loving every minute of it.

While we’re still a few weeks out from doing any serious design work in the house, once the dust literally settles, that hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about interiors and fantasizing (too far?) about pretty little construction & power tool-free houses. In order to satisfy my need for speed some design eye candy, I’ve decided to start a little series designing inspirational mood boards for some super cool and stylish imaginary friends fictional clients. So, because the voices in my head tell me to choose textiles, furniture & finishes…let’s get moody.

Guys, this girl is funky. She’s like the people on those weird addiction reality shows who go to work and function, looking totally normal to the general public, but then go home and start eating their couch cushions…but in a much less creepy way. Ok, that may not be the most flattering analogy but picture it this way… this gal works writing political articles for an online newspaper and feels restricted in the job’s lack of creative exploration but once she clocks out and heads home, girlfriend likes to let loose. inspirational mood boardsTufted Sofa | Accent Chairs | Persian Rug | Teak Coffee Table | Sunburst Mirror | Side Table | Table Lamp | Pouf | Console Table | Rattan Basket | Ceramic Sculpture |

On the weekends she goes thrifting and drinks Moscow Mules out of copper mugs (sometimes simultaneously) and has a tattoo in a spot seen only by few. Her straight-laced, uptight, and mostly male co-workers would never suspect her funky sense of style and her quirky walk-up apartment reflects just that. She likes to mix traditional staples with her eclectic flea market finds and has a weakness for Persian rugs and anything old. Basically, this chick is pretty funky but totally accessible.

Have any suggestions for the next fictional client?! Leave a comment and let me know where and who we should design for next! Happy Friday!


During our pre-move mini renovations so far, our basic plan has been to get most of the messy stuff out of the way before we move in any furniture. This included ripping down a drop ceiling in, what we’ve been calling, the window room, pulling down some paneling and ripping out the carpeting throughout the house.

One HUGE benefit of spending time working in the house before we’re physically living there is, in fact, getting that idea for how the space will work for us. How one family uses the space in a home may not translate to the lifestyle of another family. We plan on living in this house for quite a while so it was important for us to create spaces that we would use and function in on a daily basis. While the house isn’t tiny, it’s certainly not big enough to justify having rooms without purpose or reason e.g. those stuffy, formal front living rooms we’re all far too familiar with from our childhoods. While these were common in so many houses in the past, I don’t think modern lifestyles of today, that thrive on speed, efficiency and convenience, are really suited toward that unused or extra living space.

take control of your flooplan
That’s exactly what we had with the original floorplan. A small dining room (that would hardly fit our current dining room furniture) and two huge living spaces, one of which I knew we would never use. The thought of cramping ourselves into the existing dining room while also spending the money to furnish a 2nd living room that would never (never, she says!) be used just irked me.

Not only would the situation be undesirable on the 1st floor, we’d also be dealing with some cramped spaces upstairs. Joe, who primarily works from home, would be stuffed into a tiny extra bedroom upstairs with barely enough space for his office needs and hardly any natural light…two things that don’t exactly scream “productivity!” or “motivated work day!” to me. All of these issues together bothered us both so much that we decided making a big change and taking control of our home’s layout was the only way to go. take control of your flooplanAfter realizing how we would be using the space and what would make the most sense for our lifestyle we decided to take control of our own floorplan and ditch the extra living room, turn that into the new (and much larger) dining room and convert the old dining room into a study/home office for Joe.

The only issue that arose with this floorplan switcharoo was there would no longer be kitchen access directly from the dining room. I love to cook and try to make dinner every night and the thought of walking around the stairs and through the study with plates of food wasn’t working for me. Luckily, an awkwardly inconvenient coat closet was located under the stairs in the space that separated the new dining room from the kitchen. So, naturally, we grabbed the sawzall and went at it.

Here’s a reminder of how this wall in the old living room/new dining room used to look… take control of your flooplanAnd a glimpse at where we’re headed… take control of your flooplantake control of your flooplan

I can literally see the light at the end of the hallway tunnel. By nixing the coat closet and opening up the wall between the kitchen and the new dining room, we’re not only creating a much brighter, more open and efficient layout but we’re literally making our house even bigger by deciding to use every space as it’s suited to our lifestyle. Just because realtors, previous owners or even a wall or two tells you that a room is used for one purpose doesn’t mean you have to listen. Who says you can’t switch things up to make them your own? I, for one, say go for it. Taking control of your floorplan can be a total game changer so tell your house who’s boss.

We’re working hard over the next few days to get most of the dirty work done before we start moving furniture in on Saturday. Hopefully some prettier pictures will be heading your way soon.

Are there any spaces in your house that you’ve used differently than someone else?



So, it’s Monday again. How does that always happen so fast? I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was a hectic one. Since demo days one and two, we’ve made even more progress on the house and will be working this week to get the rest of the dirty work done before we start moving furniture over on Saturday.

In an attempt to ward off a bad case of the Mondays for even just a moment, let’s procrastinate!

let's procrastinate*You’ll be happy to hear that we’re making progress on our very paneled room (more on our demo progress later this week)

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Mondays are the worst.