Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working with one of our good friends on a $1,000 living room makeover. He’s a newly single dad of 3 awesome kiddos looking for a fresh start and new perspective in his home and a brand spankin’ new living room is just what he needs to get the ball rolling.

$1,000 can be a tight budget for an entire living room update but I plan to tackle this budget makeover with a little repurposing, a little thrifting, and a whole lot of DIY. I’ll be using existing items combined with some fresh new accessories and accent pieces to create a space that feels fresh and new and better reflects the style of our client and friend.

Here’s what we’re working with:

$1,000 Living Room Makeover

$1,000 Living room makeover

It’s a nice big room with good bones and super high ceilings and with just a little updating, it’ll be a great new space for this young family.

One of the main issues here is the wall-to-wall carpeting. He’s not ready to install new flooring just yet so my plan for this living room design is to embrace the blue while drawing the attention elsewhere. So, that being said, here are our main objectives for this living room makeover:

  1. Create a fresh new space for a fresh new start
  2. Work with, not against, the high ceilings: Create a focal point on fireplace wall
  3. Embrace the blue: keep main elements simple and neutral
  4. Bring in color and fun with art & accessories
  5. Reconfigure seating for better use of the space
  6. De-clutter & organize – additional storage for toys & games

I’m still working to piece together some additional furniture pieces, potentially a wishbone chair walnut or ivory colored and a couple more accessories but here’s a look at some possible plans to breath new life into this living room:

$1000 Living Room Makeover

These certainly aren’t final or definite plans but its a good example of how we’re going to neutralize the space, embrace the carpeting, and bring in color and life through other, smaller elements.

A fresh coat of paint will be going up on the walls and ceiling soon and I’ve been busy piecing together supplemental furniture, vibrant artwork, and fun and colorful accessories that will bring new life and a fresh perspective to this family’s living room. I plan on adding some sort of accent detail above the fireplace to really create a focal point on this wall that embraces the ceiling height and creates a better balance of scale in the room.

I couldn’t be more excited to help create a fresh new space for this awesome family! Follow along over the next few weeks to see how this space turns out.

Have a great Tuesday, folks!



  1. Hey Maggie! Your mom was my manager at Arhaus…. I moved on a while ago but I am so glad she is sharing your blog on Facebook. I have a gigantic DIY project in the form of a dilapidated Victorian and I am REALLY digging the inspiration! Keep it up I will be following! Thanks,

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