home office makeover progress: taking some shelfies We made some major home office makeover progress this weekend and I’m excited to fill you in on all of the details while you indulge yourself in some shelfies!  (who doesn’t love a good selfie shelfie?) home office makeover progress

(Don’t mind the collection of randomness on the bottom shelf at the moment. Styling these babies comes later.)

The beautiful weekend weather helped get our butts out of the house and into the never-ending maze of house goods that is IKEA. (Is it just me or is IKEA just like Target? Impossible to walk in and out with just the items on your list. Consumer temptation at its finest.) So, 6 LACK shelves (and a whole bunch of little things I never knew I needed until the moment I saw them) later…we were headed towards an afternoon of IKEA assembly and some major makeover progress!

I  decided to go with the “birch effect” finish on the shelves to keeps things light and airy (the black desks ground the space nicely but dark shelves would be a little bit over-baring in here) and I preferred the look of a light, natural wood over white in this case.

home office makeover progress: taking some shelfiesWe grabbed a bunch of these great folder organizers (also from IKEA) for filing papers on the shelves and I’m still looking for some additional storage solutions to house other miscellaneous items. I think some baskets on the upper shelves would be great way to store the little things that won’t be used on a daily basis but need some organization.

home office makeover progress: taking some shelfiesTaping out my plan for the gallery wall and shelf spacing (like I showed you here) helped tremendously during installation and was a great way to visualize exactly what I wanted. It’s fun to watch everything really start coming together!

Now that my side of the office is moving along, I’m headed over to Joe’s side where we also installed the LACK wall shelves and I plan on tackling some more organization and storage for him. home office makeover progress

Avert your eyes from the clutter that is his desk. We are slowly working on that one. In fact, it’s being cleaned and sorted as we speak. Right, honey?

home office makeover progress: taking some shelfiesOne thing at a time, the office is really shaping up and I’m beyond thrilled with how nicely the shelves are working out.

So, what do you think of my shelfies?


the homies 2014First and foremost, I want to thank all of you rockstars who keep coming back to my little corner of the blog universe. The Spiffy Company is a new project that is very near and dear to my heart and without you guys, spilling my guts online would be totally pointless. You all motivate me to pull out all of my creative guns, bust my butt on projects, and share them with you guys with love and excitement…so for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been recapping what progress I’ve been making on our Home Office Makeover (check those out here, here, here and here) and today I have yet another update on how things are going.

Two things that I really wanted for this project were additional storage and a gallery wall to make the space feel more like an extension of our living space and less like an office and I’m proud to share that we are making progress on our gallery wall & planning ahead for some storage shelving. gallery wall & planning aheadHow do you like them apples pictures?

(We finally finished painting the walls a couple weeks ago and decided to go with Behr Sparrow…a color that we have a few other places in our house… but I hadn’t had a chance to update you on that one until now!)

I have mentioned a few Etsy shops that I’ve been crushing on lately and am happy to say that a few of my favorite prints have made their way into frames and onto my walls along with some of my husband’s old family photos that we love. But since a gallery wall (and planning ahead when it comes to hanging pretty much anything on the walls) can be a little tricky, especially once you have freshly painted walls that you don’t want to scuff up too much, I decided be patient and plan things out carefully before making any final decisions. taped shelves and gallery wallWith some Kraft paper and painters tape (to be sure not to chip off any of our fresh paint) I was able to eyeball how I wanted the gallery wall to start while also taking into consideration the IKEA Lack shelves that I plan on adding above the desks for additional storage. By taping out the dimensions of where I thought I’d like the shelves to go and how I’d like them spaced, I was able to get a feel for how the final product would look while also setting up the gallery wall.

gallery wall & planning aheadI played around with some gallery wall formations on the floor to get a feel for how things would look and traced each frame onto Kraft paper so I could get a feel for spacing on the actual wall. Trust me, it’s a lot easier to move a piece of paper around than to have to worry about patching holes in the wall if you don’t like the placement of your frames. gallery wall & planning aheadOnce I found the formation and spacing that I was happy with, I measured the hole on the back of the frame and hammered the nail right into the Kraft paper. This assured that each frame would go exactly where I had planned and the paper could be simply ripped off of the wall once the nail was placed. gallery wall & planning ahead

And… TaDa! We have a well planned gallery wall and no extra holes in the wall!!

I’m excited to add to the gallery wall as time goes on. I think it’s fun to get a solid core of frames up on the wall and then add pieces here and there as I acquire them. Once you get it started, it’s easy to add little things and fill in empty spaces as you find them.

So…with all of this progress, I’m finally able to cross a few things off of my original planning list. Although I’m sure more things will be added on as the project continues…who doesn’t love crossing items off of a list? It’s interior design therapy at its best. I’m hoping to get on installing those wall shelves this weekend.

I’ll leave you with an in-progess picture, because what’s better than a good old before-and-after?
gallery wall & planning aheadProgress, baby!

  • Start fresh with a new coat of paint. As beautiful as I think a bright, white office can be, I don’t know that I love these white walls with our current flooring and trim color (which we are not planning on changing at this moment.) A fresh coat of neutral paint will instantly update the office and create the perfect backdrop for all of the other changes we have in store. I’m thinking Worldly Gray
  • Add an area rug. Adding an area rug to the office will really make it feel more comfortable and inviting, which is just how a home office should feel. The perfect area rug will help to ground the space and bring the whole design together.
  • Add artwork. I would love to create a gallery wall in the office, either above my desk or on the exposed brick wall.
  • Organize desks and storage. Our desks still need to be functional and work ready so the makeover can’t focus solely on appearances. I want to come up with some creative ways to hide desk clutter and paperwork while staying both beautiful and functional for everyday work tasks. Some ideas include additional shelving, basket storage, cork board desk “backsplash” and we’ll see what else.
  • Paint and update existing furniture. Since the filing cabinet and old dresser turned TV stand are functional within the space when it comes to organization, I’d like to keep them but find a way to incorporate them into the design. Some new fresh paint and new hardware, like we talked about here, just might do the trick.


So…it’s Monday. Bummer. BUT…maybe sharing a little Home Office Makeover update will cheer you up a bit?! I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s going on in our home office and I really am sorry about that (is it just me or does it always seem like life gets crazy busy as soon as you’re really trying to get something done!?) but I finally have a couple updates for you including our DIY cork board project.

Drum roll please… DIY cork board

Not too shabby, huh? In an attempt to de-clutter our desks and help in organizing reminders and miscellaneous papers, I really wanted to make some sort of cork board organizer that we could rest on our desks.  I wanted a long, rectangular board and didn’t want to spend a bunch of money so I decided to figure out a way to make our own on the cheap!

DIY cork board materialsWe bought an 18″ x 48″ particle board to use as the backing of the cork board and 2 rolls of Natural Cork Con-Tact liner from Home Depot. This liner is meant to be some sort of shelf liner and is too thin to act as a cork board on its own (pins would hardly be able to hold anything up) but with an adhesive backing and the look of cork that I was hoping for, I was determined to (in my best Tim Gunn voice) make it workDIY cork board

So…my evil plan? CARDBOARD BOXES!! Bare with me on this one. With a bunch of extra moving boxes laying around from a super top secret clubhouse project that my husband and step-son have been working on for months (I can’t tell you much more about it or I’ll have to kill you) I knew it could be the perfect behind-the-scenes cork board material for this DIY project. DIY cork board

I cut the leftover boxes to fit right on top of the particle board base and hot glued that sucker right on top. Not only would this extend the thickness of the Con-Tact cork liner which would allow us to pin out hearts out (remember when that work didn’t immediately make you think of Pinterst? Yeah, me neither.) but it would also allow our DIY cork boards to be really lightweight.

DIY cork boardOnce the cardboard was attached, I rolled the adhesive cork liner right over the top, trimmed any extras, and there you have it! It was now the perfect depth for push pins to attach whatever we needed! My handy husband whipped out some custom wooden frames for them and with a couple coats of black spray paint and some wood glue, we had the perfect DIY cork boards to add to our home office makeover.

DIY cork boardWhoomp, there is it!

Now, rather than random papers strewn all over out desks, we can pin the old-fashioned way! So, there you have it! What do you think about our newest home office addition? What are some of your favorite ways to organize your desk mess?