Happy Monday!! How gorgeous is this weather today?! I should really get outside and soak it all in because we all know days like this have been rare lately! But before I get outside to enjoy the sun before the rain/snow/sleet/whatever this crazy weather might have in store for us next, I have to tell you about the old door, new table situation we have going on in our house. I’m crazy excited about this latest project and I’ve been counting down the days until I get to share it with you. So…today’s the day! Yesterday I was sharing some of my thoughts on my ever evolving design style and also included a little sneak peak to the latest project we’ve been working on with this photo:

old door new tableEeek!

So aside from these killer Carlisle Dining Chairs I picked up at Target (btw they were on sale in our local stores over the weekend so get your butts down there to grab a few before time runs out!) I’m going crazy over the new table Joe and I built over the weekend. old door new tableGuys…the pictures don’t even do her justice. She’s really pretty.  Continue reading


Over the last few months I have noticed a major change in my overall design style. What I was drawn to before just doesn’t seem to do it for me anymore. Much to my husbands dismay (thank goodness I married such a good sport!) there have been a lot of changes happening in our house lately. The thing is though, I don’t think change is a bad thing (in fact, my interior design education and career would be all for not if it wasn’t for change) and I think finding your design style is something that happens over time. A sometimes long period of time. The best part about interior design and the way we decorate our homes is that ever evolving sense of beauty. The more you read, the more you know, the more you immerse yourself in the world of design…the more your design style is likely to change.

finding your design style

In the today’s world of Google, Pinterest and all of the amazing design blogs out there, we are constantly surrounded by beautiful images. The more we search means the more we are going to see and absorb and that’s bound to have an effect on what you appreciate and want in your own designs. That constant submersion in such creative beauty is, inevitably, going to rub off on us and our design styles are bound to change here and there.

finding your design style

Design is a process. Decorating our homes is a journey. It’s not something that happens over night. I love the layers of design that happen over years of adding, editing, and molding your space to your life. Some of the best designs, in my opinion, are the ones that incorporate many different styles to create one cohesive space. Don’t feel confined to one specific design aesthetic. Mixing and matching styles and adding layers over time is exactly what creates dynamic, interesting, successfully designed spaces. Your design may, in fact, never be “final” but that’s the fun part!

finding your design styleAs my style changes so does our home. We’ve been making some changes around here, big and small, that I can’t wait to tell you about over the next few weeks while I share my thoughts on how you can find your style and create spaces that truly make you happy! Ready for a peak at a project we’ve been working on?

Wait for it…wait for it…

finding your design styleBAM!

Stay tuned to find out why our dining room table is pieces in the basement and what we used as a replacement!


happy springDespite today’s cloudy sky and strange bout of morning snow/hail…I can officially wish you all a happy Spring! While it may not look like spring quite yet, I can’t help but get excited about what’s ahead of us! I’m so ready to open the windows and let in the Spring sunshine (let’s hope it will grace us soon!) There’s something about that sunshine on your face isn’t there? It makes me happy just thinking about it!

That first good Spring cleaning and scraping off that lingering layer of Winter always puts me in a good mood and helps me feel so much more creative. The promise of Spring has me looking forward to so many things. Evening walks, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the patio, butterflies and breathing that fresh spring air… just to name a few. I can already hear the birds getting busier.

I’m anxious to see how that happy Spring mood will work its way into our house.

happy springIf you follow us on Instagram, you already know that I brought a sweet little lemon button fern into the house and I’m pleased to say she’s alive and well. That’s promising, right? I’m hoping to keep that going and always remember to say “NO” to plant murder as we work our way into Spring. Fingers crossed!

Are you excited for Spring?! What’s your favorite part about the weather warming up?


So…I have some exciting news! I know I have been a bit MIA here on the blog over the last few days and that’s because I haveexploring our new dslr camera been busy exploring our new DSLR camera! We are the proud new owners of our very first fancy camera and, to be quite honest, I don’t feel worthy. Isn’t she pretty though?!

While I will always be impressed with the juice behind my trusty iPhone camera (and will undoubtedly continue to use it from time to time) I have been feeling the need for an upgrade over the last few weeks and thought it was only fair to you all that I try to keep up with the big blog dogs and produce beautiful, high quality images. When it comes to the blogs that I follow daily, I have always been drawn to ones with beautiful photos. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?! Content is so important but sometimes if you only have a few moments to peruse (or maybe just don’t feel like reading…because, come on, sometimes you just don’t) scrolling through all of those beautiful photos can really just do it for you. (Check out some of my favorites like: Jenny over at Little Green Notebook, Emily A. Clark, John & Sherry of Young House Love and Dana’s House*Tweaking…talk about some serious eye candy!) Thanks to the 35mm camera getting good quality image will never be a problem again. 

I did a lot of research on beginner DSLR cameras, found a great deal on this used Canon Rebel Xsi on Amazon, and finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. I can’t tell you how exciting it has been to test things out around the house over the last few days. It doesn’t hurt that I have a major supermodel at my disposal…

exploring our new dslr camera

exploring our new dslr camera

exploring our new dslr cameraI really hope all of this attention doesn’t go to his head…

Of course, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. If any of you are as unfamiliar with these kinds of cameras as I am, you know that it can get a bit overwhelming. Apertures, exposures and megapixels, OH MY! I’ll admit, it’s all a bit Greek to me at the moment but the agreement that I made with myself when I forked over the big bucks for this baby was that I would take the time and classes necessary to learn all of the ins and outs to really get the most for my money. I can’t wait to update you on my progress and take my images to another level along the way!

Are you familiar with DSLR cameras? Any tips and pointers for us as we learn the ropes?