Over the last couple of days I have been talking about my evolving design aesthetic and sharing with you some of the changes I have been making along with some tips for finding your own design style. I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and Joe and I have decided to take this idea to an entirely new level and make a major lifestyle change that will completely alter the way that we live.

I’ve definitely been drawn to a much simpler design style lately with sleek and clean lines, neutral colors, and an overall simplicity that brings a sense of calm to the house. The more I thought about things the more I realized that what I was really seeking was a simpler life.

making changes: big move, tiny houseThat’s why we have decided to move out of our current home and start living a much simpler life by purchasing this beautiful 117 sq. ft. home from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Unfortunately we will have to sell the beautiful door table we just finished building and downsize quite a bit but I am so looking forward to the calm simplicity that this new lifestyle will bring. I can’t wait to discover my true design style during this new and exciting adventure!



Oh ya, one more thing…







While I think this lifestyle is a great option for some, I don’t think it’s for us. Since April Fools has always been a pretty big deal in my family, I couldn’t resist the chance to pull one over on you guys! So in case you forgot what today is, here’s your chance to come up with a big old joke to pull on your friends!

It’s all fun and games until someone moves into a tiny house.