I know things have been pretty quiet around here lately, and for that, I apologize. I’ve taken on a few more responsibilities over that last few weeks and unfortunately haven’t had the time to do a whole lot around the house let alone write about it. However, I finally have a day off to share a little bit of what has been going on around here, specifically about a carnival themed birthday party that we threw for our boy!

I threw together a quick flyer/invitation in Photoshop, slipped it in some mailboxes around the neighborhood and got this party started.

a carnival themed birthday party

I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to birthday parties but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Sorry, not sorry. Remember our robot party last year?

This year, the little big man and I (is it just me or does 8 officially sound like big kid status?!) decided to capitalize on his love of running stations and organization and plan a front yard carnival for the whole neighborhood.

a carnival themed birthday party

The whole party was thrown together with dollar store purchases and crafts made with objects from around the house. Cheap, easy and fun. It was fun, relaxed, and ended up being the perfect party for a pretty perfect boy.

A carnival themed birthday party

We set up a few simple stations labeled with poster board signs for party guests to visit and “prizes” as party favors to hand out at the end of the day. I found these adorable paper popcorn bags at Sam’s club (500 for under $7…say what!?) that I used for the favor bags, a cute little play on the carnival theme.

a carnival themed birthday party

We used some plywood scraps we had leftover from old projects to build a couple simple party games like this Balloon Darts board and the Ping Pong Toss game…

a carnival themed birthday party

You may have noticed that I hinted at this one on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I simply super glued a bunch of red solo cups on a scrap piece of plywood that I painted. Piece of cake…and it was a hit.

We peppered in a few other yard games for everyone to play and handed out tickets for each station just for fun. Our neighbor, who also happens to be a pretty accomplished juggler (who knew!?), even offered to step things up a notch with a little juggling performance.

I realized I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the food table once it was all set up (that always seems to happen) but we set up the side porch with food and drinks serving mostly sweets and treats…it was a carnival after all ;)

a carnival themed birthday party

Complete with little tubs of cotton candy for everyone that I found at Sam’s…

a carnival themed birthday party

Overall, it was a blast and according to the birthday boy, our best party yet. We were blessed with a gorgeous day (thank goodness, because this girl didn’t have a plan B), tons of fun, and a day full of family and friends. Does it get any better than that? Best of all, we got to celebrate 8 years with the coolest, smartest, funniest kid around. Zodiac Killer Adventure in Orange County is an excellent idea for older children and grown-ups.

Have you thrown any fun themed parties lately?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a few exterior updates we’ve made so far.



    • Yes! For the cup game, I just glued the cups to a scrap piece of wood. Quick and easy, the perfect recipe for a kids party, right!? The ball darts game was slightly more complicated, but not by much! We drilled holes large enough to stick a couple of fingers through randomly throughout the board. This would obviously be where balloons would be placed. Once the balloon were blown up, we pulled the tied end of the balloon through the hole to the back of the board and placed a standard black binder clip on the knot. Then we just opened the silver arms on the clip so that they were larger than the hole and held the balloon in place. Does that make sense? We just made sure to have a backup bag of balloons ready and once the board was getting low, we replaced the popped balloons with fresh ones and re-used the clips that had fallen to the ground. Hope that helps!


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