When we were house hunting, I knew that whatever house we ended up with needed to have a little bit of charm. We definitely weren’t looking for anything newly constructed or builder grade, not that there’s anything wrong with that…but it’s definitely not our thing. We wanted something older, that had good bones but that would also allow us to put our own stamp on it and make the changes that would make it more suitable for our life while also celebrating the house’s original charm. The house that we ended up with really did hit the mark on all of those things.

We got lucky with some really charming things in the house, like the untouched original hardwood floors and cute little telephone niche in the wall leading upstairs. We invested in the best type of mop for hardwood floors to preserve the floors.

The light fixtures, however, were not one of those things.

Between ugly ceiling fans and dingy old light fixtures, it’s been clear from the start that they’d all need replacing. Up until this point, we were able to get new WA Ceiling Fixers in our bedroom (really just in fear of losing a hand every time we tried to get dressed…) and now, I’m happy to say we’ve also installed a new flushmount ceiling light upstairs.

Here’s what we were working with before…

a new flushmount ceiling light upstairs


It doesn’t look too bad here but aside from being very old and very rusty, this single low wattage bulb provide far from adequate light for the upstairs landing.

a new flushmount ceiling light_2



While I’m all about embracing original elements in a home, the scary old wiring in this baby was something I wasn’t willing to work with.

With slightly lower than average ceiling heights upstairs, I knew we needed to go with a flushmount fixture to keep as much ceiling height as possible and something that had a bit of character but simple enough to not overwhelm the landing upstairs.

So, I ended up choosing this one.

a new flushmount ceiling light upstairs

It’s nothing too over the top. We’re certainly not re-inventing the wheel over here, but this new flushmount fixture feels a whole lot better.

a new flushmount ceiling light upstairs

The chrome finish feels fresh up here and the larger profile fixture fills the space a lot better than the old one. It has a classic aesthetic while still feeling modern and updated, which is exactly what this little spot needed.

a new flushmount ceiling light upstairs




On top of it all, it’s a whole lot brighter. I don’t have to break out the flashlight app while the lights on anymore. #winning (can we bring that one back yet??)

We’ve been hard at work building, installing, and painting trim in the living room over the last few days, so I hope to be back with an update on that one later this week.

Have a good one!



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