This weekend, we threw a robot birthday party for the best new 7 year old on the planet. We celebrated with all of our family and a whole bunch of robot friends. The weather was beautiful, the kids were happy and I was calm (yay!) and loving every minute of it. Here’s a peak at what went down and a few of my pointers on how to have a party that’s successful not stressful! robot birthday partyI have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist, especially when company is involved. I love to make things look good, cook food that tastes good, and be sure that everyone has a good time. That perfectionism tends to translate into stress and create a sweaty, red-faced, short fused gal leading up to party time. It’s not a good look and I’m sure my husband would agree that it’s best when that scary lady doesn’t come to the party. For this party, I was determined to not let stress get the best of me so I took a more low-key approach. robot birthday partyI made simple banners and robot garland with construction paper we already had in our very large collection of craft supplies. I adopted this simple little robot mascot that I cut out of folded paper (just like those famous paper snowflakes) and stuck them around the house to tie everything together. robot birthday partyI covered our new door table with Kraft paper for easy post party cleanup and to avoid the stress and worry of any drips or spills. I glued some of my little paper robots around the edges and, since I have a weakness for cheeky food signs, I took the opportunity to cheese it up with fun labels. robot birthday partyBecause who can resist some computer chips & salsa? Not this girl. robot birthday party

robot birthday party

robot birthday party

I love to cook but for this stress free party, I decided to put out some simplrobot birthday partye sides, order a few subs, and have Joe throw some hotdogs on the grill. As much as the perfectionist in me wanted to whip up some fancy foods and try out some fun new recipes, I reminded myself that this day was about fun & family and that the most important part was making sure our birthday boy was happy. robot birthday partyAnd that, my friends, was accomplished.

The one big project for the party had to be our BirthdayBot photo station. To avoid any stress or last minute procrastination, a few weeks before the party, Joe and I spent the weekend building him. We gave ourselves plenty of time to get it done and really have fun with it and I’m so glad we did because he was a real hit with the kids (and adults!) robot birthday party

At the end of the day, the party was perfect. Not because every detail was perfect or a homemade feast was laid out on the table but because a very special 7 year old was celebrated with people that love him to the moon and back. What’s more perfect than that?

I hope your weekend was as lovely as ours was. Hopefully it was full of fun, food and celebration on that beautiful Memorial Day…and maybe, if you’re lucky, a whole bunch of robots.



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