As we get closer and closer to warmer weather, I’ve really been feeling the urge to start bringing in the green when it comes to our house. There’s something about opening up the windows and letting the fresh air in that makes me want some real, live plants around me. To others, that may seem simple but for me, it’s easier said than done. It’s no secret that I’ve never had much of a green thumb, in fact, I’ve been prone to plant murder. I’m not proud of it but it’s the truth.

One of my goals this year has been to change my plant killing tendencies and make a real effort to not only keep a few things alive but to really bring some beautiful plants into my home. In an effort to motivate myself and really get the ball rolling on what we’ll call “Project Green” I’ve been looking around for some great vessels (if that’s even correct plant-talk…) to use and motivate myself to get planting!

Here are some of my favorites when it comes to house plant inspiration and what I hope to fill with lush and thriving green (fingers crossed) in the very near future:

1. Simple Geometric Planter

bringing in the greenI really love this simple slip cast porcelain geometric planter. The sleek white porcelain and the simplicity of its angled design make it a perfectly understated vessel that would work in any design style. I’d love to get my hands on this baby and give my planting skills a real go. Another plus? Even a dead plan would look pretty in this one. Ha! This is just one of a bunch of really beautifully handmade ceramics over at the Bean & Bailey Etsy Shop. From little vessels like this to hanging planters and even cups and bowls, you have to check out the gems over at this one of my new favorite Etsy spots.

2. Melon Air Plant Pot

bringing in the green I’m loving this little round planter dipped in a such a fun color. Each Bird & Feather Co. planter is hand dipped in their California studio and is made from 100% natural plant pods, making each pod totally unique and super cute to boot! Bonus? It even comes with an adorable air plant already in it which is perfect for this beginner planter. Who wouldn’t love this little pop of melon hangin’ out at their house?! Head on over to Bird & Feather Co. to check out all of the different colors and style of planters (including the plants) they have goin’ on. I’m loving them all!

3. Glass Dewdrop Terrarium

bringing in the green I’m in love with this glass dewdrop terrarium over at The Zen Succulent. It couldn’t be more beautiful. Geometric terrariums have been everywhere lately and I love this other option too. There’s something so gentle about the dewdrop shape and I can see a few of them hanging in our back yard, like tomorrow. The succulents seem like a great starting point for this beginning gardener too. Go check out all of the other beautiful terrariums over at The Zen Succulent Etsy Shop.

4. Dipped Concrete Planter

bringing in the green I love the organic feeling of the concrete along with the crisp white band around the bottom of this sustainable planter. Check out all of the concrete planter options over at Anson Design on Etsy. The imperfections are what makes it so beautiful and it makes me think of Jenny’s concrete planters over at the Little Green Notebook. This gets my wheels turning about a little DIY planter/planting project that should probably happen in the future. Multitasking!

Although the thought of keeping plants alive in my own home seems a little bit scary (pathetic?) I’m excited to get started and think about all of the pretty things I can plant them in! Ha! It’s motivation, people!

Do you have a green thumb or are you challenged in the planting department like I am? If you have any tips and tricks for me on how not to kill all things green, lay ’em on me!



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