As I mentioned in my last post, we have been busy working on building, installing & painting window trim in the living room. We also decided to buy venetian blinds online that we’ve been wanting for awhile. This room has come a looooooong way since we bought the house and the trim around the 6 very large windows was really just icing on the cake (visit to see pictures).

In case you don’t remember, this room used to be dark, dark dark, with a low paneled ceiling and WAY over the legal limit of very old knotty pine paneling. A crime, I tell ya. When we raised the ceiling, ripped out the paneling, and drywalled the whole joint, we framed in the windows and painted everything but waited to install any sort of trim, partly in order to take a work break over the holidays and partly to give me time to figure out just what we wanted to do. So, here’s where we’ve been for a while…

building, installing & painting window trim Naked, trimless windows. No bueno. As much as I was dying to put the finishing touches on the windows, I wanted to be sure to make the right decision when it came to style, size, width, etc. because with 6 very large windows, any issues here would surely stick out like a sore thumb.

building, installing & painting window trimStaying true to form, not much in this old house is level, evenly spaced, straight, or easy for that matter, so we knew it would be important to pay attention to detail and make precise measurements in order to get the best results.

building, installing & painting window trimWith all of these issues, and the fact that I was looking for a very simple style of trim, we decided to make our own. With a bit of extra work, we’d then be able to get exactly what we wanted, make any tweaks and edits to compensate for issues along the way, and save some money. Win, win, win.

When I told you I wanted simple in here, I meant it. After some thought, I decided to go with trim void of any embellishments, routing work, tricky angles, or anything like that in order to combat the sometimes wonky angles of the old house, avoid drawing attention to any imperfections and keep things feel really sleek and simple.

We sanded the edges of our boards to soften things a bit but still maintain a crisp, square edge…being sure to keep all edges and angles perfectly level and square.

Here’s how it looked after installing the unpainted trim… building, installing & painting window trimImmediately, it made our already large windows feel even bigger and really started to give the space a more polished look. building, installing & painting window trim

We were able to go with 3 1/2″ trim that was substantial enough to stand up to size of the windows themselves but still simple enough to not overwhelm the space.

building, installing & painting window trimWe used wood putty to fill in any exceptionally large knots and caulk to remedy any large cracks or gaps, to ensure as smooth a surface as possible, before applying a coat of my favorite oil based primer and a couple coats of paint.

Which leads me to…

building, installing & painting window trim

 The trim is super simple, like I wanted, and really just enhances these big old windows and frames the view outside…which really is the star in here after all.

building, installing & painting window trim

After all of the prep work, there’s no seam to be found.

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Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m dying to figure out some window treatment solutions, finish the rest of the molding around the room, and tackle the flooring but for now, things are already looking approximately one million times better than they used to.

building, installing & painting window trim

So light and bright. We find ourselves constantly amazed at how this room has gone from looking like this…

building, installing & painting window trim

To now looking like this…

building, installing & painting window trim

I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me squeal like a little girl. Sorry not sorry.

building, installing & painting window trim

So there you have it! Sweet, sweet progress.

For a reminder of how far this room has come, take a look here, here, here and here.


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