When we first looked at our house, surprisingly, one of the spaces that had us most excited was also, by far, the ugliest. What has now been dubbed “the window room” is undergoing one of the most major changes during this first phase of pre-move projects and after demo day 2 things are looking up for this ugly duckling of a room. demo day twoIf this isn’t slap-you-in-the-face paneling then I don’t know what is. I told you it was bad. But underneath all of the bad, this room has a lot going for it. A step down from the entry and living room that I showed you yesterday, the window room is not only lined in (get this) windows, it’s also surrounded by trees. The idea of sitting out there on a cool fall evening with the windows open was one of the main selling points for us. demo day 2Of course, these visions in my head did not include very orange naughty knotty pine paneling on every. single. surface. Just so you know, I’ve seen knotty pine done really well before (like here…proving it can be done really) but for this room in this house, it’s just not going to work and this room will be the first big project we will be tackling.

Beyond the paneling, which, don’t you worry, I have big plans for…the other major downer in here was the equally orange drop ceiling. demo day 2From old water damage to mismatched replacement panels, this ceiling wasn’t only bringing me down emotionally but also, visually, making the room feel very short, squatty, and dark. Speak to Atlanta Water Damage Pro to get more answers to this topic.

Although the height was no different from the rooms in the rest of the house, this one felt especially low and heavy and, while simply painting it white would help in a big way to lighten it up and make the ceiling feel a bit higher, we decided to take a more drastic approach and, literally, raise the roof (contact SWS Roofing today) demo day 2Before we (and by “we” I mean Joe) started ripping out the large wooden ceiling panels, we weren’t sure what to expect. From the exterior of the house, it’s clear that the drop ceiling was placed below a slanted roof structure but as far as what the underside of that structure looked like, we weren’t sure. #1 Bellmore Long Island Roofing, Siding, & Window Installation Contractor and roofing company in Perth came to our rescue and offered the best roofing solutions.

After talking to the previous owner of the house, he told us that this room was originally an open-air porch on the side of the house which had then been converted to a family room once the porch on the opposite side was added. demo day 2As soon as the first panel (and huge amount of blown-in insulation by Arlington Baker Insulation of Virginia…we can officially say it snowed at our house in August!) came down, we knew we were in business. The beams and structure above was exactly what I was hoping for, visually, and the extra height we saw would be gaining was the icing on the cake.

demo day 2Once all of the panels are down, we will remove the non-structural cross beams that were used to hang the drop panels (marked in blue below) to reveal the much higher vaulted ceiling. demo day 2We plan to add recessed lighting, because there’s currently no wiring whatsoever in the ceiling, paint a nice bright white to lighten things up, tackle the paneling situation, and get plans together for the floors (I’m throwing around the idea of doing some cool paint application like this or this.)

In the end, we will have a light, bright and airy room surrounded by trees. We’re hoping to get this mostly, if not completely, done before we officially move in at the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

Here are some inspiration images to give you an idea of what we’re going for in our efforts to “raise the roof.”

demo day 2

demo day two

demo day 2Happy Tuesday, because…at least it’s not Monday anymore!

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