So…it’s Monday. Bummer. BUT…maybe sharing a little Home Office Makeover update will cheer you up a bit?! I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s going on in our home office and I really am sorry about that (is it just me or does it always seem like life gets crazy busy as soon as you’re really trying to get something done!?) but I finally have a couple updates for you including our DIY cork board project.

Drum roll please… DIY cork board

Not too shabby, huh? In an attempt to de-clutter our desks and help in organizing reminders and miscellaneous papers, I really wanted to make some sort of cork board organizer that we could rest on our desks.  I wanted a long, rectangular board and didn’t want to spend a bunch of money so I decided to figure out a way to make our own on the cheap!

DIY cork board materialsWe bought an 18″ x 48″ particle board to use as the backing of the cork board and 2 rolls of Natural Cork Con-Tact liner from Home Depot. This liner is meant to be some sort of shelf liner and is too thin to act as a cork board on its own (pins would hardly be able to hold anything up) but with an adhesive backing and the look of cork that I was hoping for, I was determined to (in my best Tim Gunn voice) make it workDIY cork board

So…my evil plan? CARDBOARD BOXES!! Bare with me on this one. With a bunch of extra moving boxes laying around from a super top secret clubhouse project that my husband and step-son have been working on for months (I can’t tell you much more about it or I’ll have to kill you) I knew it could be the perfect behind-the-scenes cork board material for this DIY project. DIY cork board

I cut the leftover boxes to fit right on top of the particle board base and hot glued that sucker right on top. Not only would this extend the thickness of the Con-Tact cork liner which would allow us to pin out hearts out (remember when that work didn’t immediately make you think of Pinterst? Yeah, me neither.) but it would also allow our DIY cork boards to be really lightweight.

DIY cork boardOnce the cardboard was attached, I rolled the adhesive cork liner right over the top, trimmed any extras, and there you have it! It was now the perfect depth for push pins to attach whatever we needed! My handy husband whipped out some custom wooden frames for them and with a couple coats of black spray paint and some wood glue, we had the perfect DIY cork boards to add to our home office makeover.

DIY cork boardWhoomp, there is it!

Now, rather than random papers strewn all over out desks, we can pin the old-fashioned way! So, there you have it! What do you think about our newest home office addition? What are some of your favorite ways to organize your desk mess?

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  1. Thanks.. I have a similar project, and I too found the roll of cork at home depot, and had the same concerns of its thinness. I might try foam core

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