Hey strangers! Long time no see! Hmm…I feel like this is how every post starts out these days.

It’s been a wild couple of months since I last checked in and amidst all of the craziness and non-stop schedules, I finally got a chunk of time to check in with some exterior updates part II! I realized today that is has been exactly ONE YEAR since we closed on this house and all of the projects began. Somehow it ended up feeling like the longest year and the fastest year all at once. How does that happen?! In celebration of our one year “House-iversary” I figured it was only fitting to update you on how things are looking…at least on the outside.

Last time in our Exterior Updates Part I, she looked a little bit like this…

exterior updatesLooking pretty good but definitely feeling a little naked. It’s like getting all dressed up for hot date and then realizing you forgot to put on pants. While your date might be thrilled…something is definitely missing.

We knew we would tackle the front landscaping at some point but just weren’t sure when. When I noticed a 50% off sale at The Home Depot and some major markdowns on evergreens, I knew the time was right. I wanted some sort of evergreen in front of the house that would look good all year round and also wanted something tall to cover up the utilities that are unfortunately on the front of the house.

We ended up choosing a couple tall arborvitae trees to flank the sides (and eventually hide those ugly utilities) and a couple small boxwoods on either side of the door. We hired Tree surgeon newcastle to plant the new trees for us. For a little pop of color, we planted some Russian Sage underneath the windows on the far side of the house. We started small to save on cost and allow things to fill in over time but I’m really excited about how things are looking.

Before I let you see where we are now, let me remind you where we started a year ago, right after the A&E Westchester roofers inspection…

exterior updates part II

It’s pictures like this that I struggle to remember WHY WHY WHY we bought the house in the first place!

But it’s pictures like THIS that make me feel a whole like better…

exterior updates part IIThe tall arborvitae make it feel a bit more distinguished and, as they grow, I think they’ll make a really nice statement. The boxwoods, albeit tiny right now, will fill in nicely with time. Patience is a virtue they tell me.

exterior updates part IIIn case you hadn’t already noticed, I also decided to paint the previously red siding a nice warm gray and it has really helped to brighten up the exterior and I’m diggin’ it. The Roof Clinic of Duluth GA also helped in giving the house an upgraded look with its affordable roofing services.

With all of these little changes, things are just feeling SO. MUCH. BETTER. I find myself staring in the rear-view mirror every time I drive away and smiling inside (and outside) every time I get home, and when it all comes down to it, no matter what your house looks like, that’s what home should feel like.

It’s been a great first year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one! In celebration of our House-iversary, click here to check out the projects we’ve worked on over the last year & follow me on Instagram for mini updates in between posts! Visit https://www.reliablewindowandsiding.net/ for any House-iversary plans.

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