Despite the anticipation of yet another winter storm headed our way, I was determined to get out and about this weekend which led to a day devoted to gettin’ thrifty! Last week I got the bug to pick my way around a few Pittsburgh area thrift and antique stores hoping to find some thrifty treasures, and if anything, at least find some inspiration for future projects. So after mapping out a few of our favorite hot spots (or the honeyholes, for all of you American Pickers fans out there) we headed out to a day of thrifting.

Here’s a peak at some of the thrifty treasures we found and a look at what made it home with us…

gettin thrifty A thrifting trip for us always starts at Construction Junction, our favorite place for all things old, rusty and perfect for a little spiffy treatment! This is the best spot to find old and recycled building materials on the cheap that are just begging for some TLC! So much around our house (trust me…there’s a lot) has been purchased here. From our bedroom headboard to some living room window decor and alternative art piece in our dining room and even some goodies for our very own wedding designs (check those out here and here), CJ is always our go-to spot for project ready materials.

gettin' thriftyLike this painted panel door. I have big plans for this baby and I can’t wait to share the deets with you later on this week. He’s looking a little rough right now, but trust me on this one…

gettin thriftyOld spindles and columns are a great way to add some character to a piece of furniture or a lonely corner in your home. I’ve used my fair share of Construction Junction spindles around our house (you can see them placed in the corners of our dining room shelves to add character to the simple shelving design and give it a real built-in feel.) Sometimes the rougher the better and other times a good sanding and coat of . I love these old spindles and finding uses for the when the time is right.

gettin' thriftygettin' thrifty

gettin' thrifty

I love browsing through the old doorknob collection and it makes me want to make some DIY towel hooks like this..

Red White & Blue Thrift led us to an unexpected new addition for hubby’s desk in our home office makeover. While I wasn’t particularly searching for a new lamp for him, as soon as I saw this bronze lamp base, I knew it was perfect.

thriftin' itThis masculine shape in a brass finish is bulky, heavy and perfectly tall to nestle beside out new office shelving. It’s tall enough not to need anything on the wall above the left side of his desk (which is good because I was thinking that would make everything feel a bit cluttered along with our new shelving) and it more than doubles the task lighting he already had.

Someone must have sent out a memo to everyone in Pittsburgh saying it’s time to get ride of all brass lamp fixtures because, boy oh boy, we saw them everywhere during out thrifty day! Some brass can feel a bit dated but pairing the right base shape with a more modern drum shade brings everything into this century and adds a nice rugged feeling to a space (see how Emily updated her $1 brass lamp here!) I’m telling you… brass is back, baby!

gettin' thrifty

gettin' thrifty

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is definitely one of my favorite spots to hit up, especially when I’m looking for some solid furniture in need of a little updating.

gettin' thriftyLike this sweet little dresser on casters…

gettin' thriftyOr this solid dresser that is screaming for some new hardware and a little paint & stain. Imagine it could be something like this.

gettin' thriftyMy favorite of all was this charming little desk for…get this…$14.99!! I mean, come on! I went back and forth with whether or not it should be mine but since our basement is stuffed to the brim as it is (is it a surprise that procrastination sets in when you need to reorganize your cluttered unfinished basement?) the rationalist inside of my passed on it and hoped this would prove to be motivation for a basement overhaul. Imagine this after a fresh coat of white paint though. Dreamy.

When it comes to quirky home decor and the thrifty home decor that I don’t find anywhere else, Zenith is the place to be. This thrift shop located inside of a vegetarian cafe has everything from antique china sets, charming shelf decor and lamps full of barbies. Wait…what?

gettin' thrifty While this lamp might not be quite my style, check out some of the other goodies I found…

gettin' thrifty

gettin' thriftyBook sets that would look perfect on any set of shelves. Anyone who loved decorating with books could appreciate this set of The World Book.

gettin' thrifty

gettin' thriftyI’ve been regretting leaving this green horse figure behind since we left the store. I might have to head back this week to snag it. Should have gone with my gut. Thrifting lesson learned.

Overall, our weekend trip was a success and we had a blast gettin’ thrifty. We came home with the goods for a new and exciting project (more to come on that one) and the perfect lighting addition for our home office makeover.

Did you get thrifty this weekend?? What are some of your favorite spots to go thrifting?

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