home office makeover progress: taking some shelfies We made some major home office makeover progress this weekend and I’m excited to fill you in on all of the details while you indulge yourself in some shelfies!  (who doesn’t love a good selfie shelfie?) home office makeover progress

(Don’t mind the collection of randomness on the bottom shelf at the moment. Styling these babies comes later.)

The beautiful weekend weather helped get our butts out of the house and into the never-ending maze of house goods that is IKEA. (Is it just me or is IKEA just like Target? Impossible to walk in and out with just the items on your list. Consumer temptation at its finest.) So, 6 LACK shelves (and a whole bunch of little things I never knew I needed until the moment I saw them) later…we were headed towards an afternoon of IKEA assembly and some major makeover progress!

I  decided to go with the “birch effect” finish on the shelves to keeps things light and airy (the black desks ground the space nicely but dark shelves would be a little bit over-baring in here) and I preferred the look of a light, natural wood over white in this case.

home office makeover progress: taking some shelfiesWe grabbed a bunch of these great folder organizers (also from IKEA) for filing papers on the shelves and I’m still looking for some additional storage solutions to house other miscellaneous items. I think some baskets on the upper shelves would be great way to store the little things that won’t be used on a daily basis but need some organization.

home office makeover progress: taking some shelfiesTaping out my plan for the gallery wall and shelf spacing (like I showed you here) helped tremendously during installation and was a great way to visualize exactly what I wanted. It’s fun to watch everything really start coming together!

Now that my side of the office is moving along, I’m headed over to Joe’s side where we also installed the LACK wall shelves and I plan on tackling some more organization and storage for him. home office makeover progress

Avert your eyes from the clutter that is his desk. We are slowly working on that one. In fact, it’s being cleaned and sorted as we speak. Right, honey?

home office makeover progress: taking some shelfiesOne thing at a time, the office is really shaping up and I’m beyond thrilled with how nicely the shelves are working out.

So, what do you think of my shelfies?


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