My first big project of 2014 is definitely giving our home office a bit of a makeover. It’s safe to say that this is the one room in our house that has zero design, despite being one of the most utilized spaces in our home. Since Joe works from home and spends most of his day in our office and I am constantly studying, crafting, and now blogging from the space, it serves its utilitarian purpose well, but I’ve been getting the itch to spiff it up a bit. Maybe it’s the design nerd in me, but don’t you love that feeling of sitting down to work in a clean, vibrant, well designed space? Simply cleaning and organizing my desk motivates me to get to work, so what better way to show the new year who’s boss than to spruce up the entire space and give ourselves a productivity boost?

We bought two nice desks for the office a few years ago and along with a drafting table that I use and a filing cabinet that is ugly but necessary…other than that, this space has just been the accumulator of different odds and ends. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the design of the space and as long as we can work comfortably on a daily basis there has been no rush to tackle the project…until now. Beautiful spaces motivate me and it only makes sense to enhance the space where motivation and hard work pay off the most!

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Take a look at the sad state of our home office as it is now…


home office makeoverWhile I loved the Chanel silkscreen canvas in my bedroom in highschool, it’s definitely time for some more professional looking artwork and organizational tools above my desk.

home office makeoverJoe’s desk is the real disaster zone. It will be interesting to see what ideas I can come up with to keep all of his paperwork accessible and convenient without looking like a real mess. Let’s find a happy medium and let form meet function somewhere in the middle.home office makeoverhome office makeoverThis dresser turned TV stand/office storage could certainly use some updating using our little change, BIG difference advice. It’s functional storage space for our office but is definitely in need of a facelift.home office makeoverI can’t say I’ve ever met a filing cabinet that I really loved, but I am confident that we can give this ugly old thing a makeover that can take it from blah to beautiful.

So now that you’ve taken a peak…what’s the plus side? There’s A LOT of room for improvement!

Here’s a list of changes I want to make and objectives I’d like to meet during our home office makeover:

  1. Start fresh with a new coat of paint. As beautiful as I think a bright, white office can be, I don’t know that I love these white walls with our current flooring and trim color (which we are not planning on changing at this moment.) A fresh coat of neutral paint will instantly update the office and create the perfect backdrop for all of the other changes we have in store. I’m thinking Worldly Gray
  2. Add an area rug. Adding an area rug to the office will really make it feel more comfortable and inviting, which is just how a home office should feel. The perfect area rug will help to ground the space and bring the whole design together.
  3. Add artwork. I would love to create a gallery wall in the office, either above my desk or on the exposed brick wall.
  4. Organize desks and storage. Our desks still need to be functional and work ready so the makeover can’t focus solely on appearances. I want to come up with some creative ways to hide desk clutter and paperwork while staying both beautiful and functional for everyday work tasks. Some ideas include additional shelving, basket storage, cork board desk “backsplash” and we’ll see what else.
  5. Paint and update existing furniture. Since the filing cabinet and old dresser turned TV stand are functional within the space when it comes to organization, I’d like to keep them but find a way to incorporate them into the design. Some new fresh paint and new hardware, like we talked about here, just might do the trick.

The main objective of this home office makeover is to make the office space more beautiful while maintaining all of its current functionality. I can’t wait to get this project going and keep you all updated along the way!

– Got cleaning tips from the website of commercial cleaners in Toronto.

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