I hope you all had a great Labor Day! While hopefully yours was full of lots of beer relaxation, let me tell you, on this Labor Day we labored HARD! I am excited to announce that we are officially moved out of the old house and, while I thought I knew what relief felt like before, not until our MONTH LONG move came to an end did I truly understand the meaning of the word. This moving stuff is no joke people! But once it was all (finally!) over, we did get a chance to celebrate our first official suburban Labor Day!

In other news, I finally have some progress pictures for you! Yay! In the craziness of this move and on top of the renovations we have going on around here, little bits of progress here and there are what have been keeping me sane (I mean, what is sanity really?!) Remember when I told you we were switching up the floorplan downstairs? In order to create a little bit of calmness during this crazy time, I’ve decided to focus on getting Joe’s home office (or as the fancy side of me likes to call the “Study”) situated first…home officeThere is still A LOT to be done in here but so far, I’ve managed to paint the walls and trim and get things set up enough for Joe to get the job (literally) done.

Here’s a look at where we were the day we closed on the house… HOME OFFICEAnd where we are now…home officeAnother look… home officeAnd… home office

home officeThere’s still a lot of work to be done in this little dining room turned home office but so far, we’ve been able to get the ball rolling on creating a light and bright home office design for Joe to work in and escape from the chaos going on in the rest of the house.

Since to-do lists are just about the only way to keep my head from exploding these days, here’s a look at the home office progress we’ve made so far and what else is on the agenda for this room over time:

  1. Remove carpeting
  2. Paint Walls
  3. Paint Trim
  4. Paint Ceiling
  5. Replace ceiling fan with a new ceiling fixture
  6. Replace current desk chair with a newer (and prettier!) option
  7. Tackle desk organizing
  8. Get a larger area rug
  9. Artwork and/or gallery wall
  10. Built-in shelving

There’s a lot to get done in here and the rest of the house but progress is progress right!? Well, now that the actual moving is over with, I hope to kick things into full gear and have lots more house progress for you soon! “To progress!” she says. Because maybe the more I say the word, the more will actually be made…sigh…a girl can dream.

How did you celebrate your Labor Day? Fill me in on the celebrations that we missed out on…


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