PROGRESS! Ahhh…I love the sound of that. But you know what I love even more than the sound of that?! The look of progress. See what I did just there? Well, that’s exactly what went down at our house over the weekend, a whole lot o’ progress.

On a side note, I feel like my definition of adulthood is one that has been evolving over the years and is something that I’m truly settling into and embracing now that I am in my mid 20’s but I think I reached a new level of “grownup” this weekend with the intense amount of excitement I felt on Friday evening. Not because of night out I was planning with some friends or a fancy date night with my husband…nay… but because I knew I wasn’t going anywhere or doing anything other than working on our house for the next 48 hours. That is truly my idea of heaven these days. But seriously, it was a good weekend. Here’s a look at the some House Progress: Dining Room Edition…

house progress: dining room editionDo you remember where we were when this all started? demo day oneAfter ripping out the carpeting, painting the walls, trim and the dated stone fireplace & taking control our our floorplan to give us this new dining room…We’re definitely headed in the right direction. Day by day, things are starting to settle into place and, luckily, our DIY door table feels right at home in the new dining room. Besides, anything looks good when you plop one incredibly cute black dog in the middle of it, right?house progress: dining room editionWall Color | Trim Color

Nothing has really been styled yet. We’re kind of in a state of limbo between temporarily making things look livable and figuring out what our final destination will be.

Unfortunately, I don’ think a whole love of seasonal decorating will be done at our house this year. If I add more “temporary things” decorations on top of all of the the still in boxes “yet to be organized permanent stuff” that is still scattered around the house post move, I might lose my mind. I’m going to do my best to be seasonal decorating to a minimum in exchange for my mental well-being, so at this point, a few pretty gourds on our newly painting shelves are going to have to do.

house progress: dining room editionThe idea of not doing a whole lot decoration wise these Fall and Winter seasons is a tad bittersweet for me. While I’m happily accepting the excuse to avoid any clutter or stress while I’m still trying to settle into our new home, I do love me some Fall and Winter home decor. But for now, I’m truly just happy to be settling in at all.

Happy Tuesday, folks! Because, like I always say, at least it’s not Monday!

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