For the second installment of my inspirational mood boards, we’re headed in a different direction. All of this back-to-school talk has me reminiscing about my own college days and the sad little jail cell dorm room I called home…well, before I rebelled and sprung for a secret off-campus apartment all for myself. But that’s a story for another day. #rebellious

My next fantasy client is headed off to college, ready for freshman year and a new sense of freedom and excitement she hasn’t yet experienced. This girl’s has “preppy” written all over her and while she’s been to a lot of amazing places with her Sperry wearing, Vera Bradley toting, martini drinking dysfunctional family the idea of heading off to school on her own for the very first time has her jumping out out of her Lily Pulitzer party dress (well not literally but this is college we’re talking, isn’t it?!) She has a decent budget, given to her by her parents, to furnish her very first dorm room and while much of her style sways towards the typically preppy nautical themes & classic prints, she’s excited to have the freedom to insert a little of her own growing personality (wgasp!) while being sure not to ruffle any feathers of course.

So, whaddaya say? Let’s get moody! Preppy co-edHair Bun Print | Area Rug | Pagoda Throw Pillow | Horse Pillow | Orange Pillow | Tassel Throw | Tripod Table Lamp | Nightstand | Striped Bean Bag | Wire Laundry Hamper | Rainbow Bulletin Board | Faux Hydrangea | Round Mirror

Now let’s just hope the roommate shares her affinity for pastels and stripes or girlfriend’s in for a serious case of competing spaces ;-)

Did any thought go into decorating your dorm rooms? And, more importantly, who are we styling for next?!

Leave a note & tell me what you think!