To say that my mind has been full to the brim working on and designing our new house might be the understatement of the year so it’s fun to take break, albeit a brief one, from that and focus on something a little less labor intensive like… inspirational mood boards for my fantasy clients!

By the way, if you can wrangle up some dream clients of your own who don’t speak, love all of your suggestions and opinions, and have unlimited budgets, I highly recommend it ;)

So.. Let’s get moody!

let's get moody: inspirational mood boardsGrand Canyon Painting | Gold Wall Sconce | Gold Side Table | Chandelier | Southwestern Rug | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Mahogany Armoire | Woven Pouf |

This week, I’m designing a living room for a 40-something husband and wife who just bought their forever home in Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re typically drawn to traditional and colonial designs and styles but also want to infuse some southwestern elements and creativity into the living room design. They want to use some of their existing furniture, like the tufted sofa that was her mother’s & an orange club chair they bought antiquing on their honeymoon, but are open to adding new pieces in order to fuse these two very different design styles. She volunteers at the local library sorting books and usually gets lost daydreaming in the Folklore section and, while he works a 9-5 job in a suit all day long, in the evenings a few times a week, he performs standup at the local comedy club.. Needless to say, while they may seem traditional and mainstream on the outside, these folks are spunky and they want their home to reflect just that.

Designing for dream clients from the southwest makes me think it’s okay to say… happy Friday, ya’ll! #itsnot

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