We’re still chugging along at the new house to get all the demo and more invasive/dusty/dirty working (say that 5 times fast!) done before we start moving furniture in. (Check out some of the progress here, here and here) The last couple weeks sure have been crazy/hectic/chaotic ones but, boy, I’m loving every minute of it.

While we’re still a few weeks out from doing any serious design work in the house, once the dust literally settles, that hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about interiors and fantasizing (too far?) about pretty little construction & power tool-free houses. In order to satisfy my need for speed some design eye candy, I’ve decided to start a little series designing inspirational mood boards for some super cool and stylish imaginary friends fictional clients. So, because the voices in my head tell me to choose textiles, furniture & finishes…let’s get moody.

Guys, this girl is funky. She’s like the people on those weird addiction reality shows who go to work and function, looking totally normal to the general public, but then go home and start eating their couch cushions…but in a much less creepy way. Ok, that may not be the most flattering analogy but picture it this way… this gal works writing political articles for an online newspaper and feels restricted in the job’s lack of creative exploration but once she clocks out and heads home, girlfriend likes to let loose. inspirational mood boardsTufted Sofa | Accent Chairs | Persian Rug | Teak Coffee Table | Sunburst Mirror | Side Table | Table Lamp | Pouf | Console Table | Rattan Basket | Ceramic Sculpture |

On the weekends she goes thrifting and drinks Moscow Mules out of copper mugs (sometimes simultaneously) and has a tattoo in a spot seen only by few. Her straight-laced, uptight, and mostly male co-workers would never suspect her funky sense of style and her quirky walk-up apartment reflects just that. She likes to mix traditional staples with her eclectic flea market finds and has a weakness for Persian rugs and anything old. Basically, this chick is pretty funky but totally accessible.

Have any suggestions for the next fictional client?! Leave a comment and let me know where and who we should design for next! Happy Friday!

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