Another busy weekend behind us and we’re back to Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend! Like I told you last week, we have been busting our butts getting messy demo work done in anticipation of moving furniture in this weekend and with the help of a few family members, we did just that. Saturday was spent moving over the bulk of our large furniture items into the new house and Sunday, Joe and continued making progress on the house. It’s looking like we’ll be making the transition to full-time living in the new place this Thursday so we’ll be working hard to make things happen by then.

But in the meantime, since it’s Monday and all, let’s procrastinate, shall we?!

*Joe spent most of the day Sunday ripping out the old (and quite excessive) cross-beams in for our new living room ceiling and I have the low-quality iPhone pics to prove it… Let's procrastinate

let's procrastinateIt may seem like a crazy mess but if your remember what we started with…trust me, it’s MAJOR progress!

*Is it just me or do these twice baked blue potatoes look too pretty to eat!? let's procrastinate*I love a good kitchen rug and these 9 kitchens certainly pull it off! let's procrastinate*Ladies, are you aware of what your ponytail says about you?!

*This clever tip for disguising garbage cans has me thinking about ideas for hiding all kinds of ugly stuff (I’m looking at you, ugly AC condenser!) let's procrastinate*If only my dorm room could have looked like this

*This gorgeous bathroom renovation is just as beautiful as the rest of Sarah’s house… Let's procrastinate

I’ll keep this one short because it is Monday after all. But the good news? Tomorrow’s Tuesday!

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