Oh Monday…I do not like you. Not one bit. But alas, here you are again. Is it just me or are there definitely more Mondays in a week than any other day? I swear someone keeps slipping in a few extras, leaving Saturdays and Sundays in high demand because, let me tell you, two day weekends just aren’t cutting it for me anymore. By the time Monday morning rolls around I’m left looking back at the weekend in a cloud of dismay and confusion asking myself where all the time went because, guys, there’s a lot going on lately. So even though Mondays, as we know, are my nemesis (dramatic much?!) I’m happy to say that on this Monday I remembered to wear pants and even put on a little mascara. Ahhh, the little things.

I’m happy to say that we are officially moved into the new house and living in a corn maze of cardboard boxes and furniture slowly working towards an unpacked and organized house and I’m hoping to have some pictures headed your way soon. Until then, and since it’s the logical thing today when you have a laundry list of chores, let’s procrastinate, shall we?!

*With our 1st wedding anniversary fast approaching, this card made me laugh (check out some of our wedding designs & what went down on the big day here)

*16 ways to create a super stylish dorm room. I’m especially loving these “tape frames” for displaying artwork. let's procrastinate*My former pretty princess self would have died over this DIY dress-up rack.

*A behind the scenes look at Emily Henderson’s stained glass creations. Girlfriend kills it every. single. time. let's procrastinate

*3 stylish ways to use the Target Room Essentials Ottoman that will leave you smitten…

*A Restor-A-Finish remedy for an old desk makeover. (Remember our experience with that amazing stuff here?)

*A cool new rug for this cool little girl’s dark and moody nursery. Is black the new pink?! let's procrastinate

Although I’m so sorry it’s Monday, I hope you have a good one folks!

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