So, I realize it’s Tuesday but due to some technical issues here on the old blog, I wasn’t able to procrastinate until today. Is waiting an extra day to procrastinate taking the issue to an entirely different level?! Hmmm…well, I guess you could say that theme of putting things off did extend to our weekend because, while there is still much to be done around the new house, most of our time was spent doing this… let's procrastinate

But, I’m happy to say I didn’t feel one bit guilty about that because what’s the whole point of creating a home that we love without taking some time to enjoy it? I’ll keep reminding myself of that throughout this whole process and try my best not to get caught up in to-do lists. There will always be time to get s’more stuff done. Get it? Sorry, I can’t resist a good campfire pun.

So, let’s not put this thing off any longer. Let’s procrastinate, shall we?

*Another happily accepted excuse to put off housework over the weekend…

*I did make a little progress on our stairs over the last few days and I couldn’t be happier with how things are shaping up! More updates on that coming soon… let's procrastinate

*Josie Maran’s cozy farmhouse has me craving fall temperatures & snuggly sweaters even more than I already am (and spoiler alert, that’s A LOT!)

*I love how this barn style yet traditional door opens up the trend to all different kinds of aesthetics.

*I’m always obsessed with anything Jenny does and her new entry is no exception. Girlfriend just always knows what’s up. let's procrastinate

*It’s beyond exciting/amazing that in Emily Henderson’s makeover for Oprah Magazine, almost everything came from Target. When it comes to affordable style, Target get’s it right every. single. time.

*This news does break my heart a bit, but I’m glad to see people taking the time to figure out what’s best for them. Can’t say I won’t miss reading about what’s going on in their house every day!

*I must have entries on the brain. Here’s another cool entryway makeover and an even better gift for a couple of friends (plus a giveaway for you to enter!) let's procrastinate

Cheers to day-late procrastination! Happy Tuesday everyone!


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