With everything that has been going on lately, procrastination has been at an all time low, and while I realize that that’s a good thing, that doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up my favorite hobby bad habit.

There was no procrastination to be had this weekend though because we have been hard at work trying to get our living room (check out some of that progress here & here) ready in time for the cold weather that is knocking on the door. So far, we’ve ripped out all of the paneling and those old dropped ceilings and installed the brand new recessed lights.

installing recessed lightsSince that picture, insulation has also been installed and we’re hopeful that drywall will start going up this week. It’s hard to even remember when it looked like this!

But, back to the real matter at hand, since I’ll never let a little work get in the way of aimlessly trolling the internet…let’s procrastinate shall we?

*I was able to carve out a little time this weekend to head out to the country for a birthday celebration with my best friends…and boy, it was just what I needed!

*Who else is excited about Target’s styling videos with Emily Henderson?! YES PLEASE. There’s even a video.


via Emily Henderson

*Jenny’s monochromatic prints are gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this out. If only my basement wasn’t still full of boxes #unpackingprocrastination

*Have you ever seen a more beautiful wedding?!

via The Makerista

*A painted tile kitchen backsplash that’s perfect for an inexpensive kitchen update.

*This easy and delicious recipe for homemade bread just screams “FALL!” to me. Now I’m hungry…

via Domino

Now, go try and make this Monday a good one!

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