Mondays are rough. We all know this. I’ve never met someone who claimed to love waking up on Monday mornings and we should probably keep it that way because chances are, if Mondays are your idea of a good time, we wouldn’t get along. {Insert eye-roll here} I kid, kind of, but seriously, no one likes them and it’s always hard, for me at least, to pull the trigger and get my mind out of the clouds (and my head off of my pillow) bright and early on Monday mornings.

So, in an attempt to extend the joy of the weekend by even just a few moments, here are some links that I thought you might like. Let’s procrastinate, shall we?

*An interesting way to stay cool as we live out the rest of the summer.

*This evolution of interior design makes me question quite a few design trends. I’m looking at you 1990’s!

*Some unique kitchen backsplash ideas have me thinking about possibilities for our new house

*Jenny Komenda’s DIY Branch Light makes me want to go modern…

* These Instagram photos are making me hungry…

*Gwen Hefner has me thinking that we should be moving into a log cabin.

*I’ve been thinking about going bold with design choices in our new house and this gold faucet has me confident I’m on the right track.

*And a few more bronze accents that make me swooooooon!

*Talk about girl power! This video made me smile #LikeAGirl ;)

We’re all set to close on our new house on Friday and I’m full of anxious and excited energy. Thanks for procrastinating with me. Whaddya say we make this a weekly thing?

Now, back to the grind. This girl has a house to pack… Happy Monday!

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