Exciting right?! Well I’m telling you, shelves can be fun! Okay, I’m not sure how I feel about actually writing that last sentence and how it makes me look BUT… I, for one, am a huge fan of some good old shelves to occupy otherwise wasted spaces. Let me tell you, our house was full of wasted spaces, but luckily with a little creativity (and a super handy hubby) we were able to fill these with perfect little platforms for photos, books, and all those spiffy little nuggets of décor I love so much.

We began the shelves in our dining room. They were perfect for this void in the wall I had been struggling to fill…and three sets of shelves later, I think Joe could build them in his sleep by now! We decided to paint the dining room before the shelves went up to tie it all together.

Building Shelves Building Shelves Building Shelves

 With a little under cabinet lighting and some white paint…I was in love! I also propped some old wooden spindles in the corners that I had laying around in the to add some visual interest.

Building Shelves Building Shelves

 The final product…shelves


When it comes to decorating, I like to use what feels right. Stacks of books create platforms to standout pieces and family photos. Wine glasses create a beautiful display while also remaining practical and convenient while entertaining and over-sized initials help to personalize the spaces. Don’t be afraid to show personality in your decorating. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your spaces, for example, I love flipping books around and exposing the pages rather than the bindings. Also, don’t feel like you have to place books in order according to height. The varying levels make things a lot more interesting. Make your own rules because, at the end of the day, you’re the one who will be living alongside these decorating decisions. Go on, live a little!

We also built similar shelves in our bathrooms to occupy that useless space above the toilet.

Bathroom Shelves

These shelves in the powder room create the illusion of much more room in a tiny space. When the structure goes all the way up to the ceiling, it draws the eye upward as well. Since space in this tiny bathroom is limited, the shelves create a structural element that makes the room feel much bigger than it actually is! The height of she shelves draws the eye upward making the space look taller while the horizontal structure of each individual shelf helps the space to look wider. Spiffy, huh?

Bathroom Shelves

Notice some pieces from the wedding on the shelves in the master bathroom?!

Placing extra toilet paper in large baskets and setting rolls of towels on display creates visual interest while staying practical in your shelf decor! Little mason jars act as receptacles for Q-tips and cotton swabs that are always in reach. Play around with your displays until it feels right. You can’t always get it on the first try so don’t be afraid to add and edit until it works for you!

See? Shelves can be fun…right?!


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