As the temperature outside slowly starts to rise, I find myself craving a good spring cleaning. The thought of it actually really excites me. I keep fantasizing about the day when I can open all of the windows as I twirl and sing around the house with my cleaning supplies like a scene straight out of a Swiffer commercial.  A definite sign of adulthood, methinks ;)

Anyway, since it’s still a bit too cold to make that dream come to life, I figured I could tackle a bit of organization and sprucing up in the meantime. In this old house, storage space isn’t exactly at a premium but we do have a pretty good size linen closet upstairs that stores all of our basic cleaning supplies, toiletries, linens, and other necessary bathroom accoutrement.


Albeit a bit disorganized at the moment, the  linen closet gets the job done. But, as I wait for the big cleaning day to arrive, I figured I’d take an afternoon to get things organized with a bit of a linen closet mini makeover. Because, why should other rooms get all the love? Linen closets are people too.

a linen closet mini makeover

I took everything off of the shelves and gave the inside of the closet a scrub. I thought this would be a good time to give the closet walls a fresh coat of paint. I opted not to paint the wooden shelves, but with some leftover black paint in the basement, I thought this might be a good spot to go a little bold. I mean, if you can take a bit of a risk in a closet, then where can you?! ;)

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest using black or other dark hues in every closet, especially if it’s poorly lit, but since this closet is pretty shallow, I thought the dark color might actually help to keep things feeling neatly organized.

a linen closet mini makeover

In fact, in this case, the black actually added some depth to the closet and made it feel bigger. See what I mean? It’s a nice little contrast from the rest of the light and airy upstairs hallway.

a linen closet mini makeover

I reloaded the shelves with my freshly organized baskets & other miscellaneous supplies and it immediately felt better. Sometimes, it’s just the little things.

Rather than making it more difficult to see or too dark, the black paint helped all of the baskets and labels pop out at me even more, even taunting me to go clean my bathroom. Challenge accepted, linen closet. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, a nearby painting contractor will get the job completed to your satisfaction.

a linen closet mini makeover

Now, it certainly isn’t a glamorous update and by no means was it a must on my seemingly long to-do list, but it was a quick and easy mini makeover I could hammer out in an afternoon that spruced things up a bit and got me ready (and dare I say even more excited) for some much anticipated spring cleaning :)

a linen closet mini makeover

 Am I the only one who is dying to do some serious spring cleaning?? Maybe don’t answer that…

Have a great week!!




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