I’m all about a finding a great deal. I love roaming thrift shops and second hand stores looking for those finds that are just begging for a little TLC! Nothing is more rewarding than finding something for cheap and making little changes that make a BIG difference! Something I find myself saying over and over is “it’s amazing what a little paint can do” and it’s true! I love finding a piece of furniture with good bones and a price tag that can’t be beat. Don’t base your purchases on the color of paint or the hue of stain…if you like its shape and have the perfect spot at home, who says you can’t make it perfect all on your own?

Little Changes, BIG Difference: Paint Edition

Take a look at the table below. Are you ready for this…$5 at the thrift store! This outdated, cherry stained Bombay half table was perfect for the landing at the top of my stairs, aside from the fact that it was, let’s face it, UGLY! I could overlook the color and finish because the size and shape was just what I was looking for…so 5 minutes and $5 later…I was headed home with my next little change big difference project.

little changes

A little sanding and two coats of Behr Night Shade later, we had an entirely new table! The navy blue shade of paint instantly updated the entire table, taking it from dusty and dated to fresh, clean and ready for action. It’s amazing what a little paint can do…don’t you think? I’m playing around with the idea of adding a little detail on the front panel to spice things up a bit but I’m liking the simple look right now. I figure I’ll live with it like this for a few days and then decide if I want to add anything…which is typical of me. I’m really happy with how it turned out and with a total project price tag of $15 ($5 for the table and $10 for the paint that will be used over and over again…I’m crazy about this color) I don’t think I could ask for more.

little changes
This old knotty pine dresser turn TV stand is instantly updated with a coat of paint to fit in with our latest project, the home office makeover. little change big difference

Little Change, BIG Difference: Hardware Swap

Painting isn’t the only way to make a big difference quickly and easily. Another favorite of mine is simply switching out hardware. From kitchen cabinets to dated furniture, it’s amazing how quickly some new hardware can make a difference. Whether you’re trying to update the look of something or simply make it feel a bit more customized, the good old hardware swap is a cheap and easy way to get it done. I’ve never had a real issue with our simple IKEA television stand. While it’s not something I will keep forever, it looks nice and gets the job done. For the moment it fits nicely in our living room and I’m happy with it but there’s nothing really special about it. With a quick switch of the hardware (I had a few crystal knobs leftover from this year’s homemade Christmas gift) I could make it look a bit more customized and a little less IKEA.

little changes

Little change, big difference. The transformation isn’t drastic but it definitely makes the TV stand less generic and a little more interesting. I’m never one to pass up a good crystal knob (my mom, with her love of all things that sparkle, will be happy to hear about that one.)

TV stand_after

If you don’t have any new hardware that you like or don’t want to buy new ones, try painting the old hardware. It’s amazing what some new paint can do. Take those old brassy knobs and give them a shiny new coat of black spray paint and it’s an instant update.

Take a look at some other examples of how little changes can make BIG differences!


Practically new furniture is right at your fingertips with a few little changes that make a BIG difference! What are some quick and easy ways you have made big changes to your outdated or boring old furniture?


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