mid century coffee table If you follow me on Instagram, a few weeks ago you got a peek at a new addition in our living room (and I’m not talking about that very spiffy and very sleepy dog!) I picked up a great, used, slatted wood mid century coffee table from Pittsburgh Furniture Company, which is one of my go-to spots for cool things with tons of character. Seriously, go there right now. It’s the best. mid century coffee tableUp until now we had what was basically a filler coffee table. Nothing special (not even worth showing you…I promise) and it just wasn’t doing anything for the living room and our existing furniture. If anything, it was bringing the rest of the room down and if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s downer furniture. It’s like wearing that perfect little black dress with a pair of Crocs…it just cancels out all of the good stuff going on. mid century coffee tableI had been on high alert for something with a classic shape and clean lines when I found this great mid century coffee table. The fact that it was old and imperfect made it even better and the $75 price tag made it a no-brainer. Don’t you love when your favorite thing in the store is also the least expensive?! Because I think we can all agree that, that rarely happens.

mid century coffee tableI haven’t done a whole lot in terms of styling it yet. Other than a couple stacks of books, a plant I’m desperately trying to keep alive, and a tray to corall a few basic coffee table necessities (my tip on using trays to style console tables definitely works with coffee tables too!) but, generally, I haven’t done much to it. Coffee tables sometimes seem so utilitarian that it’s hard to keep them looking pretty all of the time but I hope to come up with a way to create some organizational style that’s easy to live with day to day. mid century coffee tableOne thing that did pop into mind when I was quickly styling our new mid century friend was a use for some Goodwill frames I’ve been stockpiling. I’ve been planning a big gallery wall for the living room and have a borderline unhealthy amount of cool, old frames and when I realized that the wooden serving tray (which I love) that I had been using was just a bit too small for this particular coffee table, I had an “aha” moment. mid century coffee tableI took one of the wooden frames that I had in my gallery wall collection and turned it into a coffee table tray. When it comes to artwork, Goodwill isn’t necessarily the venue I’m running to, but the frames…guys, there are always some good ones. mid century coffee tableI ditched the kitschy artwork that came along with it and replaced that with a piece of poster board that I painted abstractly with some paint I had laying around. You could use any color or any design, really do whatever you want to personalize it for your space, and suddenly it goes from thrift store artwork to cool wooden tray for your coffee table. mid century coffee tableThe glass creates a great spot to set a drink which you can easily clean up even if you don’t have a coaster. It makes everything look a little bit more interesting and you can use the painted space to create a pop of color or any design – really, whatever you want! mid century coffee tableThere’s always a huge selection of frames every time I make a Goodwill trip and at the $1.99 price tag you don’t have to feel bad about using it for a different purpose. Take the opportunity to get creative and make it your own because, I promise you, you’re not going to find a cool, one-of-a-kind tray for under $2.

Now my mid century coffee table is one step closer to looking even prettier with the easiest DIY project ever.

Have you found new uses for any old things lately?


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