So… with a very unwelcome and unacceptable sick bug running around my house this weekend, I didn’t get very far along with our home office makeover. Total bummer! But since we promised to keep you in the loop, here’s a mini makeover update from our not so eventful weekend. While the painting and heavy duty organizing had to be put off for a few days, luckily, with a little burst of energy on Sunday and the sweet sound of Homegoods calling my name, I made a little bit of headway on the project.

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that we snatched up a couple fun Homegoods baskets for extra storage in the office as well as this TÅRNBY area rug from IKEA for a total steal (I’ve always had a hard time paying high prices for area rugs so this 5′-11″ x 8′-2″ rug that worked perfectly in our office for only $99 was a no-brainer.)mini makeover update

mini makeover updateThe baskets are fun and add some extra storage space for little odds and ends and craft supplies and I’m really happy with how the area rug warms up the space. Once there’s a little color on the walls and some other accents around, I think the monochromatic floor and rug combination will work nicely.

Other than that, I finished up painting the old dresser turned TV stand/storage unit and put two coats of paint on the ugly old filing cabinet. I still have to reattach some hardware and I think it might need one more coat of paint but aside from that, I’m really happy with the difference it made. Here’s a reminder of how drab and sad it was before and a look at how our painted furniture it coming along…

little change big difference

 mini makeover update

I also received the Elizabeth Mayville print (that was featured on our Friday Favorites post) and framed that to get ready to start the office gallery wall.
So…while I wasn’t able to get quite as much done this weekend as I had hoped, it’s something! So far, I can cross a couple of things off of my list and get ready to make some big changes this week!

  1. Start fresh with a new coat of paint. As beautiful as I think a bright, white office can be, I don’t know that I love these white walls with our current flooring and trim color (which we are not planning on changing at this moment.) A fresh coat of neutral paint will instantly update the office and create the perfect backdrop for all of the other changes we have in store. I’m thinking Worldly Gray
  2. Add an area rug. Adding an area rug to the office will really make it feel more comfortable and inviting, which is just how a home office should feel. The perfect area rug will help to ground the space and bring the whole design together.
  3. Add artwork. I would love to create a gallery wall in the office, either above my desk or on the exposed brick wall.
  4. Organize desks and storage. Our desks still need to be functional and work ready so the makeover can’t focus solely on appearances. I want to come up with some creative ways to hide desk clutter and paperwork while staying both beautiful and functional for everyday work tasks. Some ideas include additional shelving, basket storage, cork board desk “backsplash” and we’ll see what else.
  5. Paint and update existing furniture. Since the filing cabinet and old dresser turned TV stand are functional within the space when it comes to organization, I’d like to keep them but find a way to incorporate them into the design. Some new fresh paint and new hardware, like we talked about here, just might do the trick.

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