A few weeks ago, I shared my excitement about bringing some green into our house and tipped you off on some of my favorite planters on Etsy. Despite the death curse I seem to put on every plant I bring home (look, it’s not for lack of trying. I don’t understand why it happens…) I’m not giving up on my dream of having beautiful, lush and thriving (I’d settle for simply living at this point) plants around the house which is why I was so excited when Megan & Margaret, the fabulous mother/daughter team behind the brilliance of The Zen Succulent, offered to send me one of their beautiful terrariums to get my green ball rolling. glass terrarium

So let’s talk about this Blue Moss terrarium for a sec. Aside from the fact that it’s way too pretty for words, it couldn’t have been simpler to assemble and I have high hopes of keeping it alive. From the looks of it, you’d never even know I was a bonafide plant murderer.

glass terrariumThose crazy talented ladies over at The Zen Succulent hook you up with everything you need in the Terrarium Kit along with really helpful and clear instructions on how to assemble it and tips for not killing it care and maintenance (which I’ll clearly keep handy.)

glass terrariumFirst, add your sand or pebble layer…

glass terrariumPosition your reindeer moss…

glass terrariumNext goes your plant layer… glass terrariumFinally, add in the decoration layer. This Blue Moss terrarium kit included these cool blue rocks but the contents of your kit will vary based on which one you choose.

glass terrarium

Also, in case you are concerned about the safety and well being of these sweet, innocent plants (and rightfully so) keep in mind that Air Plants like these are extremely low maintenance and, in fact, can thrive on neglect. Not that I plan on neglecting them, but… let’s be honest, I don’t have the greatest track record. I have high hopes though and Better Homes & Gardens even tells me that I can do it.

glass terrariumRight now I’m loving it sitting on top of a stack of books in my dining room while I look for the perfect spot to hang it, which is why I love the option of using the little stand. I’ve been loving these sleek glass terrariums lately and couldn’t be more excited that my friends over at The Zen Succulent decided to hook me up with this baby. Head on over to their Etsy Shop to put a little terrarium in your life.

glass terrariumBut…do you know what’s even more exciting? The Zen Succulent has agreed to hook one of you up with a gorgeous Blue Moss terrarium just like mine!!

glass terrarium

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment below telling me how you’re bringing Spring into your house! For a 2nd entry, leave a comment on our Facebook Page.  A winner will be chosen at random later in the week!



  1. We’re welcoming Spring with the opening of our rooftop pool! Green living is in our blood, with rooftop solar panels, water collecting cisterns, a rooftop zen garden and green materials used throughout our apartment building. The Zen Succulent would make a fabulous addition to our Leasing Office or Front Desk!

  2. Hi Mags!! Love the terrarium! I’m welcoming spring by attempting house plants.. I bought 8 plants for $15 from the cutest lil old lady from craigslist 2 months ago.. I’ve got 3 left eeek!!! Definitely need to focus on murderproof plants like you!

  3. Hi Maggie! I LOVE terrariums because they’re earthy but elegant at the same time! I’ve been trying to bring some of the outdoors into my house by planting herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro, chives, rosemary) as well as gerbera daisies and orchids. The daisies aren’t looking so hot but the herbs and orchid are doing amazing! I put the orchid in a clear glass vase so you can see the roots and bark and I think it looks pretty amazing as a centerpiece on our table. I usually only get my orchids to last about 6 months before they die on me but I just bought some special spray for orchids so maybe they will last a little longer this time!

  4. I’m welcoming spring into my house by (attempting) to grow an herb garden from seeds! So far I’ve got lots of little sprouts, hopefully they continue to grow! I’ve been admiring air plant terrariums from a far for quite a while, it would be lovely to win one!

    • I love herb gardens! They’re so pretty and they make the house smell amazing! I try to have an herb garden every summer but I’ve never started from seeds! Good luck!

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