Since¬†Kim Kardashian is trying to #breaktheinternet and all, I figured I should probably get a quick update in before we’re all sent back to the dark ages and forced dust off our¬†encyclopedia collections and send handwritten letters via this place called the Post Office. GASP!

The last time I checked in with you all, the drywall was going up literally as I typed and since then, we have been able to prime and paint all walls and the ceiling and finish installing the recessed lighting. We’re still waiting on those glamorous after photos I’ve been promising you but things are really starting to take shape in the living room.

on our way to a finished living roomLet’s just pretend you can’t see my slouchy couch cushions and sloppy throw pillows, mmkay? We’re just happy to have a living room that isn’t completely overrun by power tools.

There are still plenty of ladders and toolboxes to keep me comfortable though. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now…
on our way to a finished living room

We still have a long way to go but considering the room looked a little something like this before we moved in…

on our way to a finished living room

I’d say we’re on our way to a finished living room :)

So what’s still waiting to be crossed off of our to-do list?

  1. Paint windows
  2. Add window trim and baseboards
  3. Re-build step at entry
  4. Build entertainment center/shelving
  5. Remove old carpeting & finish floors

Basically, there’s a lot left to do but, for now, I’m just going to revel in the glory of a fresh paint job.

Happy hump day, people!

Oh, and P.S. Dear Kim Kardashian, please don’t break the internet. I kind of like it.

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