Well, it’s been a while! I hope you all had a holiday season full of fun, friends, and family! It was a whirlwind couple of months for us over here, and I have to admit that I’m excited to really get back into the swing of things and tackle some projects we have lined up.

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by a fabulous jet setting couple interested in our Mini Design Service. If you aren’t familiar with the design services we offer, you can check out the deets hereThey currently live in the city and are building their dream home in the suburbs. As the house is being built, I’ll be helping them design the interiors one space at a time. Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on pulling inspiration and getting together a design plan. I thought I’d fill you all in throughout the process and give you a peak into what is going to be a fun and exciting project. As the project progresses, I’ll be tagging all of the design progress via instagram with #clientjetsettothesuburbs in case you’d like to follow along!

At the start of every project, in order to get the design ball rolling, I like to create a series of moodboards. This is a great way to not only create a visual representation of how the space could potentially feel, but also a way to hammer out some specific details before item sourcing begins. These different options allow client/designer collaboration and really create a starting point for the design and the opportunity to create a solid road map to follow as we get into the nitty gritty.

Let’s get into it…

client city to suburbs moodboards

Up first, I created a moodboard that feels warm, cozy, and leans a bit more masculine. A lot of the main elements remain neutral with black, white and grey, combined with navy accents, natural wood tones, and mixed metals. The look feels layered and collected over time, inviting with a classic color combination but still contemporary with sleek lines and a combination of metal finishes.


Moodboard #2 brings pops of bold color layered over lots of neutral elements. The bones of this design would remain sleek and neutral with gray-washed wood tones, textural elements, and silver accents but the real pop comes with colorful artwork and accessories. This design would feel light, bright, and cheerful but grounded with modern lines and geometrics.


Lastly, moodboard #3 feels calm and cool with a combination of sea tones, neutral textures, and bronze finishes. Warm wood tones and concrete finishes keep this design feeling inviting and slightly masculine, along with soft blues, greens, and grays that soften the space.

I promise to keep you updated on the project and how things progress! #clientjetsettothesuburbs Have a great week!


For the last few years, I’ve adopted a “less is more” mentality with it comes to the holidays and entertaining in general. I try to focus less on the build up and themed decor and more on enjoying the experience and creating a cozy atmosphere. I’ve slowly but surely donated most of my purely holiday themed decor and added more items to my collection that embody the holiday season but could still be used year round. This helps to not only cut down on the clutter and storage that I have to deal with but also make decorating less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our Thanksgiving table for this year was no exception.

our thanksgiving table

our thanksgiving table

I bought a plaid scarf from Target’s Dollar Spot and layered it with a simple linen tablecloth and burlap runner to create a layered looks that feels ridiculously warm. These super inexpensive silver charger plates along with a combination of pieces I already owned create a Thanksgiving table that feels cozy and inviting, and still seasonal without feeling too thematic.

our thanksgiving table

I layered our simple white plates with these sweet antique glass lace dishes from my grandmother and topped those with blue linens tied with twine and a sprig of eucalyptus for a simple yet special dinner place setting.

our thanksgiving table

our thanksgiving table

A few Trader Joe’s eucalyptus branches and a combination of candlesticks along the center of the table add some height variation and a bit of green and shimmer.

our thanksgiving table

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Check out last year’s Thanksgiving table here!


I hesitate to ever truly call any space in our home finished, which is why I’m deeming this post ‘Our Finished (ish) Bedroom.”

While much of our house has undergone some big changes in the two years since we purchased it, our bedroom was one of the spaces that looked good enough to kind of forget about even though there were lots of missing pieces. You know those spaces in your home that aren’t bad enough to warrant immediate attention but certainly aren’t good enough to excite you? Well, our master bedroom was definitely one of those spaces until recently, when I felt the urge to pull things together. I attribute that to my love of, what I like to call, Fall sleeping weather :)

our finished (ish) bedroom

The best part is, I didn’t make a single new purchase for the bedroom, but instead did a little DIY and shopping around the house. It’s amazing what a little rearranging and a few coats of paint can do!

For a while, I’ve debating adding curtain panels on either side of the two windows, but I haven’t quite pulled the trigger. I like the thought of adding the softness a curtain would bring to the space but I haven’t come up with the right solution quite yet. The jury is still out on that one, but in the meantime, I added some artwork above the bed. Simple target frames and subtle images I simply printed from my computer add a touch of color in the space without being overbearing. And, since the window itself isn’t centered on the wall but the bed is centered on the window (hello OCD!) the frames add a sense of symmetry that otherwise is just slightly off.

our finished (ish) bedroom

Our bedroom certainly isn’t winning any awards in the square footage department. It’s pretty small as far as master bedrooms are concerned, so I knew it was important to keep things simple, relatively monochromatic, and sleek. Rather than going bold in terms of color, I brought in a whole lot of texture to cozy up the space without feeling too busy.

One thing that I think made the biggest impact was paying attention to the nightstand situation. Previously, we were just using mismatched end tables that I picked up at a thriftstore years ago. The widths were right, because we don’t have a ton of space on either side of the bed, but the heights and finishes were different. It didn’t both me enough to change for quite a while, but over the weekend I decided enough was enough. I didn’t take any before pictures (bad blogger!) because, truthfully, I didn’t think it was exciting enough to document, but we ended up cutting 8 inches off one to match the height of the other. Then I gave them both a couple of coats of Sherwin Williams’ Link Grey (one of my current favorite colors!) and immediately things were looking much better.

our finished ish bedroom

our finished (ish) bedroom

The nightstands themselves aren’t the same, but with a fresh coat of the same color, they feel like a pair while maintaining their own unique character. Baskets on each provide some additional storage for bedside items and extra pairs of socks, and the woven texture adds some warmth to the space.

our finished (ish) bedroom

Two large art pieces in between the entry and closet doors make a statement without being too busy in this small space. The wooden frames feel substantial but almost disappear on the wall, adding to the monochromatism I was going for.

I think that’s by biggest piece of advice when designing a small space, choose your color scheme and stick to it tightly. Too much contrast and too many colors and finishes will only accentuate the lack of square footage. By staying strictly within my white and blue color concept, the space feels much bigger and more open than it would otherwise.

our finished (ish) bedroom

Not much has changed as you turn the corner. I’ve stacked some artwork behind the television to try and camouflage it a bit, or as much as I can (I’ve tried my best to get that thing out of there, but they say marriage is compromise ;)

With just a few tweaks here and there I was able to pull together a bedroom that makes me happy to be in. Do you remember what it used to look like?! I’d say it’s an improvement!

Does the promise of cooler fall weather give you the bug to pull your spaces together too?

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Like many other visually driven people, Instagram has quickly become my favorite social media outlet. With a seemingly endless supply of beautifully curated spaces, it is my go-to source for design inspiration. If it wasn’t for that pesky day job, I could get lost for hours scrolling through images and searching for other design minded folks to follow and be inspired by.

A while ago I discovered LuxeDecor and their daily supply of insta-design inspiration (follow them here!) and before long, I came to realize that they were more than just a source for design inspiration but also online furniture retailer that specializes in creating curated home decor collections.

While browsing through their collection of over 100,000 hand selected products, I couldn’t help but pull together some of my favorite pieces to create a casual contemporary living room design.

LuxeDecor Moodboard_2


I kept the upholstery really nice and neutral and pulled in natural wood tones, stone, and metal finishes to create a casual contemporary living room design from LuxeDecor that feels well design and put together but still casual and inviting. Moss green accents add some color to the space while still feeling natural and neutral, but almost any accent color would work in this design. I think that’s the real beauty of neutral spaces and something that I stress to my clients. Keeping the big upholstery pieces neutral allows you so much wiggle room in the space.It’s easy and inexpensive to switch out artwork and accessories when you’re ready for a change!

Ready for the good news? LuxeDecor is offering my readers 10% off your order of $100 or more through August 31st with the code SPIFFY10!

Happy shopping!


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