So, I know things have been quiet on the blog as of late and, for that, I am sorry….BUT that lack of activity directly translates to major progress in the living room. It’s a bummer when I feel like I don’t have much to share with you all at certain points during this renovation process, and I struggle with whether or not to show you all of the ugly in between the pretty pictures and nicely styled rooms but, my friends, you’re in luck because I have a whole lot of that for you today. I haven’t been this excited to see some ugly since the last edition of celebrities without makeup. You’re not fooling me Kim Kardashian. You don’t wake up like that and neither does my living room.

Remember where our living room looked like this?

demo day two

demo day 2

And then this?

installing recessed lights

Well folks, we can officially say goodbye to low ceilings, ugly paneling & dingy bricks because drywall is up!

progress in the living room

In case you were concerned, I have not lost my mind and decided to color block the walls and ceiling in here. Green and beige? Not my thang.

We got a discount on drywall that had been used for painting demonstrations and since we’ll be painting it anyway it didn’t matter one iota. Always ask around at your hardware store to see if they have any discounted materials you can buy. It pays to ask. Literally.

There’s still a lot to be done in here but the drywall hanging, taping and mudding will be done today and then we can move on to truly making this is a pretty picture but, boy, this ugly sure feels good.

Still to be done?

progress in the living room

But I guess that last one can wait ;)

Now, I need to go put on some make up because, there is such a thing as too much ugly.

Happy hump day people!

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