As the holidays are wrapping up, and we get ready for the big countdown tonight, I got the urge to do a little bit of redecorating with a shelf decor remix. Now is the time when I really start to get the bug to redecorate and reorganize and start fresh for the new year so it seemed like a good time to freshen things up a bit. By adding a few more books I’ve collected from local thrift stores and incorporating some of the metallic vases I used in a holiday centerpiece I was able mix up my shelf decor just in time to ring in the new year! shelf decor remixshelf decor remix

Just a few little changes give the space a fresh new look. Although we were happy with the way they looked before, it’s always nice to switch things up and allows you to look at things in a whole new way!

How will you freshen up your home for the new year?

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