After a little bit of rain this morning, it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day! While Spring definitely isn’t my favorite season, this warmer, sunny weather sure does make me happy which got me thinking about bringing some Spring into my house and on the table. spring is on the tableBy no means am I a professional flower arranger (I guess that’s call a florist, huh?) in fact I’m probably below average at it, but there’s just something about bringing in a little color and putting some Spring on the table.

spring on the tableEven just grabbing a few consumer packs of flowers at the grocery store (or even better, picking some from around your neighborhood if you’re lucky) and hastily stuffing arranging them in a vase adds that bit of Spring color to your house in a way that only fresh flowers can.

spring on the tableNot to mention our new dining room table was begging for a little lovin’! In case you’re wondering, so far the table is doing great! We haven’t had any bad spills or trouble setting the table. I think I’ve finally found a sealer that will work for what I want so hopefully I’ll get a coat of that on there soon.

Not gonna like, I stare at this baby a lot. She’s kinda pretty… So pretty in fact that I decided to enter her in the Upcycling Link-Up Competition over at East Coast Creative for this year’s Creating with the Stars #CWTS2014. Go check it out along with a whole bunch of other amazing uses for old stuff!

Are you bringing Spring onto your table on this sunny day?!

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