Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping your new years celebration was as lovely as ours was! A night at home full of close friends, good food, and many laughs made it the perfect way to ring in the new year! Today, I will spend the day relaxing, dealing with the celebratory remnants and thinking about beginning the Christmas clean-up (so sad!)

As I look to the year ahead, I can’t help but be optimistic about what is to come in 2014 for us at The Spiffy Company! I can’t thank you all enough for joining us on the beginning of what we hope to be a fun and exciting ride! I’m not making any official resolutions this year but I do look forward to starting a fresh new year full of fun projects and can’t wait for what is in store!

new years resolution

2014, here we come!



As the holidays are wrapping up, and we get ready for the big countdown tonight, I got the urge to do a little bit of redecorating with a shelf decor remix. Now is the time when I really start to get the bug to redecorate and reorganize and start fresh for the new year so it seemed like a good time to freshen things up a bit. By adding a few more books I’ve collected from local thrift stores and incorporating some of the metallic vases I used in a holiday centerpiece I was able mix up my shelf decor just in time to ring in the new year! shelf decor remixshelf decor remix

Just a few little changes give the space a fresh new look. Although we were happy with the way they looked before, it’s always nice to switch things up and allows you to look at things in a whole new way!

How will you freshen up your home for the new year?


MaggieJoe_Wed_231Joe and I got married on October 13, 2013 and while it was the most amazing day of my life, I will tell you, I couldn’t be happier that the planning and preparation is over. our wedding(Congratulatory pat on the head back for all involved!)

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, especially when it comes to interior design and decor, I will admit that I had a hard time letting anyone help in my quest for wedding perfection (which, by the way, does not exist. I’m looking YOU, you crazy, manic brides to be! Realize that now and things will go a whole lot more smoothly.) our wedding It’s inevitably stressful and, although you want it all to be perfect, just remember that when it’s all finally happening, you will not be focused on any little imperfection that only you will notice.

In those moments of stress, stop and take a break and think about this moment… our weddingBecause, let me tell you, it is SO worth it.

So, anyway…here’s a look at our wedding designs and an inside look at how it all went down…

our weddingI am a lover of all things old and full of character and it was only natural that my wedding would reflect that. It all began with the location. For me, it was about finding that perfect spot that fit my vision and luckily, it practically fell into my lap. After a bit of research, we found it. It was the first spot we went to visit and we booked it immediately. It’s this perfect little barn tucked inside of the sweetest little village of old brick buildings you’ll ever see.

our wedding

our weddingSo once we had the spot, the fun part began…DECORATING! My vision was simple. I went about decorating my wedding much like I decorate my home. In fact, much of what was used came directly from our house and went right back there when the wedding was over. I mean, what better way to represent our life and our style? And now, every time I see one of those pieces on a shelf or a table in my home, I get to think about our wedding day!

our weddingI am a strong believer that your wedding decor should represent your styles as a couple and include personal touches that make it a true family affair, and that’s exactly how our wedding day turned out.

our weddingI kept the tables simple. Blush roses, creamy hydrangeas, and babies breath were the perfect combination for our centerpieces. Just because your wedding is in the fall doesn’t mean you have to have a fall wedding. Don’t let the season dictate your decor (within reason of course.)

I didn’t want typical autumn colors like oranges, reds, and yellows and there’s not rule saying that’s how it has to be. Make your own rules on your wedding day…just don’t get all Bridezilla. That’s really not a good look. At all.our wedding_table decor_newspaper table runnerAnyway… Simple mason jars, antique coffee pots and pretty little vases were the perfect vessels for our flowers. These are things I had been collecting for quite some time and they gave the perfect vintage touch to our tables. Stacks of old books, handmade table numbers made from simple wine corks, twine, and recycled paper and table runners made from old newspaper clippings (I actually found a collection of newspapers all from 1952 at a flea market which is what really gave birth to this idea) truly tied it all together. our weddingEach table was different, each with different details and unique character, exactly what I wanted. We added other personal touches to different tables like an old milk bottle from my mom’s hometown and black and white photos of my husbands parents to make each table unique and special. Several guests commented on how much fun they had going from table to table looking at each different centerpiece and checking out all the different details that made each table special. Don’t feeling like every table has to be identical. The differences are what make it interesting. our weddingSome great over-sized initials really personalized our sweetheart table and made it stand out even more! After all, doesn’t everyone say this is “your day”?! Take advantage! Make it special! If there’s ever a day to make it all about yourself (and you’re new hubby of course) it’s this day! our wedding

our weddingAnother way we made our little spot extra special was my hanging these Mr. & Mrs. signs on the backs of our chairs. I have to thank Joe for these little gems! We’ve had this old wooden board in our basement for years and finally found the perfect way to use it! Joe did most of the work on these and, I must say, I’m in love with them! Not only were they perfect for our wedding chairs but now we get to use them in our own home. (Check out our master bathroom shelves and how we incorporated these  signs into our everyday, and very married, lives!) our weddingAnd a few more pictures of how the big day turned out… our weddingWe found this cool candle chandelier (candelier?!) at an antique shop a couple of years ago and were so excited to be able to use it at our wedding! After spending months waiting in our basement, this baby finally got the chance to glam up our rustic wedding! our weddingAnother great idea (thanks to my awesome MOH) was to use these custom labeled wine bottles in lieu of a guestbook. Joe and I both agreed that we couldn’t really see ourselves re-reading our guestbook over and over years down the road and decided it would be nice to do something a little bit more fun. This way, our guests were able to leave us special notes in different bottles that were to be opened on our wedding night, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th anniversaries! Now we have a special treat to look forward to on each anniversary and incorporate the big day that started it all! our weddingI loved these simple wooden chairs for our ceremony (which was originally intended to be outside but was moved inside due to the rain…they say that’s good luck, right?!) but decided to spruce them up a bit with simple strands of ribbon tied to the backs. our weddingI just placed them sporadically through the aisles but thought it was such a sweet and simple way to add a little something to the basic wooden chairs. our weddingRather than use a florist (and as a way to save a bit of money…these wedding things are expensive, here’s the Houston Medical Center florist as an example) I decided to order my flowers in bulk through FiftyFlowers.com. After all, I was planning on simple centerpieces with flowers in vases, nothing fancy. I did a quick test run and placed an order of bulk hydrangeas a few weeks before the wedding just to be safe (although I was skeptical at first, I was really happy with how they turned out and felt comfortable going through with it for the wedding) and decided we were good to go! our weddingI couldn’t have been happier with how easy it was and how nicely the flowers turned out (not to mention how nice it was to save a ridiculous amount of money!) After all of the tables were decorated and flowers had been placed in all necessary places, we had some leftovers. With this great old wooden box laying around (and thanks to my very smart mother…hmmm..I must have gotten this decorating bug somewhere) we were able to spiff up the dance floor with all of our leftovers. I’m crazy about how effortlessly beautiful this turned out and even crazier about not having any wasted flowers! our wedding

And then, we partied ’til 11:30-ish the sun came up! our wedding

our wedding

our wedding

our wedding

our weddingI couldn’t have been happier with how it all turned out. It truly was magical! The wedding actually looked like us…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

our wedding…and they lived happily every after!