Happy Monday!! How gorgeous is this weather today?! I should really get outside and soak it all in because we all know days like this have been rare lately! But before I get outside to enjoy the sun before the rain/snow/sleet/whatever this crazy weather might have in store for us next, I have to tell you about the old door, new table situation we have going on in our house. I’m crazy excited about this latest project and I’ve been counting down the days until I get to share it with you. So…today’s the day! Yesterday I was sharing some of my thoughts on my ever evolving design style and also included a little sneak peak to the latest project we’ve been working on with this photo:

old door new tableEeek!

So aside from these killer Carlisle Dining Chairs I picked up at Target (btw they were on sale in our local stores over the weekend so get your butts down there to grab a few before time runs out!) I’m going crazy over the new table Joe and I built over the weekend. old door new tableGuys…the pictures don’t even do her justice. She’s really pretty.  Continue reading


If you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut with the way your home is looking, taking a moment to shop your house is a great way to stir up new ideas and open your eyes to new possibilities you hadn’t though of. Sometimes I get bored with the way certain spots in my house are looking and a quick rearrange helps to brighten things up and satisfies my urge to buy something new (my husband and my wallet appreciate that too!)

Our living room has been pretty much the same for a while now and I’ve been itching to switch things up a bit but wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go so, instead of heading to the store, I decided to shop my house in hopes of coming up with some new ideas. It wasn’t that I was terribly unhappy with how things were looking but I also wasn’t completely satisfied. Here’s a look at the front wall of our living room before: shop your houseIt wasn’t terrible but I felt like it was lacking a bit. The symmetry of the windows on either side of the accent wall was nice but overall it felt a little bit empty and the storage ottoman on the left was kind of just stuck there with no real purpose other than holding a few extra blankets.

I wanted to cozy things up a bit and use the space a little bit better so I decided that we should move the window on the left over to the other side and hang the two together as they would be if they were installed in a home. I thought this would work well and create a cozier reading nook area while also creating the illusion of another large window (since our rowhouse obviously only has windows on the front and rear walls, see this.)

shop your house & a radiator cover console table I love the way it fills out the nook wall and really cozies up that corner.

shop your house & a radiator cover console tableAnd since no home update photography session is complete without a good old Berkley photo bomb…there’s that.

So now that this corner was nicely updated I was left with an empty left side to deal with and some more house shopping to do. I decided the faux-leather ottoman needed to go and the large fake potted plant had seen better days. (Look, here’s my take on fake plants. Some are great and if you have a black thumb, like me, and you’re prone to the occasional plant murder, sometimes fake is the way to go. It all depends on the space and the quality of the fake plant and while this one did it’s job well for quite a while, I had grown tired of it. They leaves were a constant collector of dust and it generally look tired so off to the basement it went. Sorry large fake tree, you treated us well for a long time but it’s time for you to bow out. Take a rest.)

So, with a blank slate to work with I suddenly remembered a project we had brought home a few months ago. We saw this great, but very dirty and rusty, metal radiator cover at Construction Junction (remember? One of my favorite spots during our thrifting trip this weekend!)

shop your house & a radiator cover console tableThis was back in October when the grass was still green and the sun would occasionally shine…seems like a distant memory! It was definitely looking rough but I was envisioning a great entry table or something. I loved it but didn’t really plan on using it in my own house. I figured I would fix it up and sell it or save it for a future client project.

shop your house & a radiator cover console tableIt looked like this old radiator cover had previously been painted white but had really chipped and rusted over the years. It could definitely use a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. I was thinking gold.

After a rough sanding to prepare the surface more for paint, I started painting the base of the radiator cover with Rust-Oleum All Surface Metallic Champagne Mist. It was going to definitely take a few coats to really cover up the rust stains but luckily, as I began coating the bottom, I started to see the top in a different way. The gold painted bottom made the rough and rusty top look almost like leather and I decided to cover the top and leave it as is while I gave the bottom a shiny new finish.

I’m so glad I made that decision because this is what we got:

shop your house & a radiator cover console tableI was so happy with house this radiator cover console table turned out but I hadn’t had any use for it until now! I figured it was just waiting in the basement to find a new home. Luckily, this was the perfect size for our blank slate nook on the left side of the living room and I was so excited to haul it up from the basement.

shop your house & a radiator cover console tableSeriously with that rust stained top though! That along with the fresh gold paint kind of makes me swoon.

Now that the table is in (and I can’t stop staring at it) I have been coming up with some ideas to style it and something to hang on the big wall above.

I played around with some things but definitely haven’t found a permanent solution yet.

shope your house & a radiator cover console tableNotice the brass lamp we picked up while we were gettin’ thrifty this past weekend? (I’m still looking for a new shade for that) Joe kept getting nervous after I had moved it downstairs. He kept asking if he still got to use it on his desk and I assured him that it was only temporarily downstairs. It definitely got me thinking about finding another brass lamp to put there.

I also have some old empty frames that I’ve been wanting to use. I’m thinking about maybe hanging some of my grandpa’s old antlers in a frame up on that wall (well…my grandpa doesn’t have antlers he just has some antlers for me…) Imagine something kind of like this:

shop your house & a radiator cover console tableBut I’m still throwing some other ideas around too.

So…all of these changes were made without purchasing anything but simply shopping my house. Moving one thing around opened up the opportunity to use something I hadn’t considered before and allowed me to see a whole new layout for a space. It’s funny how a little change can lead to so much more.

Do you find that rearranging a room gives you a whole new perspective? Try it yourself. Look around your house and rearrange a few things to freshen the place up. You never know what it may lead to…


Does anyone else cringe at the high prices of throw pillows? Maybe it’s just me but I have a really hard time justifying the high prices of certain household goods, particularly the ones that are just for show. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love making homes look beautiful. Much of my life has been devoted to educating myself on interior design and implemented that in peoples’ homes…so I can really justify a lot when it comes to that…but for certain things, e.g. throw pillow covers, that really just act as some jewelry for your sofa, it’s hard for me to swallow the high price-tags.

(On a side note…can we also talk about garbage cans?? Buying a decent garbage can for my kitchen literally pains me. I put garbage in you. You get stinky, smelly and gross. Why are you so expensive?!)

But, I digress…back to pillow covers. I’ve been looking around for quite some time now for new living room throw pillows. (I’ve still been using our Christmas ones. Don’t judge.) It’s been so hard for me to find anything that I even kind of like for a price that I can even partially justify, so in the meantime, I’ve looked for an inexpensive alternative until I find something that works for me. Unfortunately I am not the most skilled seamstress, and while I can sew a mean button on when in a bind, I definitely don’t have the goods to whip out some fancy pillow covers..so my options were limited. After doing some thinking, I came up with a way to make some DIY no-sew pillow covers on the cheap that will tide me over until I find the right ones at the right price.

DIY NO SEW PILLOW COVERSI went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought a couple yards of fabric that I thought would look nice. Since these are only temporary pillow cases (and because I wanted to keep costs down) I went with the classic cotton fabrics but if you wanted a higher quality more permanent pillow cover and some modern beds, there are some beautiful Home Decor fabrics to choose from that will give you a thicker, more durable cover. But, for my purposes, the less expensive cotton fabric would work just fine.

DIY no-sew pillow coversI also picked up some Unique Stitch fabric glue. While I am new to fabric glues like this, I did some research and after reading some reviews, this one seemed like the right choice for this project.

I have been saving some old throw pillows sans covers just for this reason (we had a few left over from old bedding and I even had some leftover from my childhood room. Even though I knew the old pillow covers wouldn’t work for me, I was more interesting on what was inside so they’ve been living in a storage closet for the last several months.)

DIY No-sew pillow coversUsing a T-square and a white colored pencil, I measured out 3 different rectangles depending on the size of the pillow insert. For this one, I had at 18″ x 18″ insert so I cut one 19″ x 19″ square and two 19″ x 14″ rectangles from my material.

DIY No-sew pillow covers(Try to avert your eyes from the wrinkles. I wasn’t sure how this first pillow was going to go…it was truly a blind experiment at its best, so I wasn’t trying to be perfect in case things went terribly wrong, because let’s face it… the chances of that were high! I would, however, suggest you iron your fabric panels before you construct the covers and avoid the wrinkles.)

The large square panel would be acting as the front portion of the pillow. This should be cut to fit the size of your insert plus an inch or so on each side to account for the space where you will be gluing. The smaller rectangles will be the back panels that will overlap to create a sort of envelope where you can stuff in the pillow. You want to make these larger than just half of the front panel though, so that they can overlap each other while covering the pillow insert. Then, glue the outer edges of each of the panels together (make sure the side of the fabric you want to be showing as your pillow cover is facing the inside. Once your glue is dry, you will be turning the fabric inside-out to create the pillow cover, so all patterns or finished “pretty” sides of the fabric should be hidden until the final flip of the fabric. Does that make sense?)

DIY No-sew pillow coversThe arrows show you where the glue should go and where you will be attaching the fabric.

The glue says to allow 30 minutes to dry but I would suggest waiting overnight since you will really be pulling at the fabric when you stuff the inserts inside. I’m really bad at waiting so the first pillow came unglued a bit at the seems after only 30 minutes so I forced myself to wait longer with the others. After a good waiting time, the glue really held well. I was surprised at the hulk like force I could pull at the seams without it coming apart.

DIY No-sew pillow coversOnce all was said and done, I had 5 pretty nice pillow covers that cost me about $15, no sewing required, that will satisfy my need for sofa jewelry until I find the right ones at the right price. They aren’t perfect by any means and a skilled seamstress would probably shake her head in dismay at my use of fabric glue but they certainly get the job done at the right price for the time being.

Have you substituted sewing for fabric glue in any projects lately?