Is it just me or does this freezing cold weather just suck the life out of you too? I’m never one to complain about the cold (I am a self proclaimed winter girl) but boy oh boy, it has been so cold! I usually don’t wish away winter, but Spring sure is looking pretty good to me right about now. I will admit that I have been less than motivated this week. Maybe it was the cold or maybe I’m just having a bit of a decorating slump but I’m hoping I’ll be able to snap out of it this weekend. Our two projects right now, the transitional kids room and our home office makeover (I’ll have some updates on those this weekend) have had me busy coming up with plans, ideas and designs, so this week’s Friday Favorites is a bit of an abbreviated version…

1. Shelving SolutionsFriday Favorites

I’ve been trying to come up with some pretty and practical storage solutions for our office and am leaning towards some sort of wall mounted shelving with boxes and baskets to house extra papers, documents, and office-y stuff that we don’t need on a daily basis. A simple solid or reclaimed wood shelf with contrasting iron brackets, like these ones that I found on Etsy, would bring the right amount of storage space and design contrast in the office. Let’s hope we can explore this idea a little bit more this weekend…

2. DIY Chair Update Friday Favorites

I love how Jennifer over at Dimples and Tangles added a little somethin’ somethin’ to her T.J. Maxx dining chairs. I’ve personally admired these chairs more than once during my T.J. Maxx runs and she really upped the ante with this chair makeover. Maybe a fab DIY chair makeover like this will convince my husband to get rid of his big, ugly desk chair (a girl can dream!)

3. New Office Lighting friday favorites

One purchase that I made for our Home Office Makeover this week was this Threshold™ Brushed Silver Linear Floor Lamp from Target. I like the sleek & simple lines and industrial feel that comes along with it and it’s a perfect addition for the office. Super easy assembly too. I promise for some more detailed updates on our project soon.

4. The Puppy Bowl

I know most people are focusing on the Big Game this weekend, and while I’m not much of a football fan (especially when our Steelers aren’t playing) I am DEFINITELY a fan of The Puppy Bowl. I just can’t handle the cuteness. Between the Puppy Bowl and some much anticipated commercials, I think this girl will get more than her fill of the football festivities! ‘Nough said.

So, it may have been a slow week for me creatively, but my hopes are high for a productive weekend. What are some of your latest obsessions this week? Are you ready for the big Superbowl weekend?


So, I have decided to start a weekly post about some of my favorite things at the moment and what exciting stuff I’ve found over the last 7 days. My Friday Favorites will include everything from beautiful spaces I’ve seen and great deals on all the best swag for your home to beautiful artwork and everything in between! So, drum roll please…

1. Etsy Print Shop – Elizabeth Mayville

As I get our home office makeover underway, I have been on the lookout for artwork. Etsy  is, hands down, one of my favorite spots for everything under the sun. It’s the online mecca for the über talented & creative and I could spend hours searching and searching for my favorite stuff! Etsy has an astoundingly large collection of beautiful artwork to choose from but with thousands of pages to sort through, it can get overwhelming. One of my favorite Etsy art shops right now is Elizabeth Mayville and her collection of small, affordable, contemporary paintings. I even bought the print to the left to jump-start a gallery wall I hope to include in our home office makeover. I’ve crazy about this and every other print in her store and it is my new obsession!

2. Etsy Print Shop – John Menage

Another Etsy artist that I can’t help but mention is John Menage. I’m loving how his watercolor prints from all over the world somehow feel so accessible and comfortable. It’s easy to find a way to fit any of his beautiful pieces into a design, which is exactly what we are doing with his Alexandria Park Bath print in our home office makeover. Gallery wall purchase #2 anyone?

3. Mismatched Dining Chairs

Friday Favorites

source unknown

I’m always a big fan of contrast in design. From contrasting colors to creating unexpected style combinations, I love the way contrast makes a statement in design. A great way to create this contrasting visual interest is by using mismatched dining chairs. I love the combinations of black & white and old & new chairs around this dining table. Sometimes the most unexpected combination are the ones that work out the best! This picture is motivating me to reevaluate my dining room situation. Can I get a 2014 project #2?!

4. Restaurant Week

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

For all of the local Pittsburghers,did you know it’s restaurant week? Don’t worry, if you did know about it, you still have until this Sunday, the 19th, to get piece of it. Check out this list of local restaurants participating in the regional celebration of food and dining which feature new dishes for the New Year as three-course fixed-price meals or $20.14 specialty selections. We stopped by the Kaleidoscope Cafe on Tuesday night and were not disappointed…so get in on the action before it’s over! Don’t miss out on this killer excuse to eat out!

5. Woof, there it is.

Friday FavoritesSo, I’ve realized that until now I have neglected to mention two very important members of our family. What a bad dog mom I am. Sadie and Berkley are our two crazy rescue dogs who I just can’t get enough of. I imagine they will make a very welcome appearance every so often in some around the house shots. While they are making their debut in our very first Friday Favorites post, they are, and always will be an all day, every day favorite!