I think it’s pretty clear that romance means different things to different people, mainly a woman’s opinion vs. a man’s. I think many women, in particular, secretly (or not so secretly) wish their man had a few more romantic tricks up his sleeve or was more inclined to perform the unprompted romantic gesture. When it comes down to it though, I think the idea of romance comes in all different shapes and sizes and isn’t so easily defined. Some may only consider grand (Bachelor-esque) gestures with rose pedals, and moonlit dinners to be romance while others recognize the love in the little things. I think there is nothing more sweet and romantic than walking outside to a warm and snow-cleared car on a snowy winter morning or waking up to a single glass of orange juice beside the bed just because he knows I like it. The little things…you know? (Shout out to my awesome hubby on that one…because there’s nothing more romantic than our first Valentine’s Day as Mr. & Mrs.)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it got me thinking about bringing romance into your home designs in a subtle way that works for everyone. I don’t really decorate my own home for Valentine’s Day (maybe that will change a bit when there are a couple little ones running around) but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little romance into your home.

A couple ideas for bringing the romance with the little things this Valentine’s Day?

A simple ‘love’ pillow feels romantic and can be used year round. There’s something so sweet about snuggling up on the couch with the one you love. Bring the romantic decor into your home with comfy pillows and cozy throws.

Cozy living room with candles

I love cuddling in front of a fireplace on a cold night (I even crave it sometimes) but if you’re like me and don’t have a fireplace in your house, candles are definitely the next best option. Candles are my guilty pleasure and I would have them lit 24/7, if not for a couple of wildly wagging tails running around my house and the serious fire! But if you really want to bring that romance into your house for Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter, light a couple special candles and cuddle up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Spend a few sweet moments to take advantage of the day when romance is all the rage!

Bring the romance

Make a special dinner together, or if you’re going out, plan a candlelit dessert at home. Turn off the tube and put away the smartphones and take a minute to enjoy each others company. Dimming the lights and lighting a few candles at your dinner table makes everything feel a little extra special.

Whether you’re picking up some new pillows, lighting some candles, or simply exchanging cards…I think when it comes down to it, bringing romance into your home for Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be about elaborate decorations or elaborate gestures. The little things are what make it special and are really what Valentine’s Day is all about. So, what do you consider romantic? And, how will you be bringing the romance in your home for Valentine’s Day?


I’m hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas full of family, fun, and lots of food! I know we sure did! As the Christmas celebrations are nearing their end, it’s time to turn our attention to the excitement of New Years! Whether your 2013 was one to remember or one you’d rather forget, now is the time that we begin to reflect on the year that was. What better way to do that than to plan a New Years Eve gathering? If you are planning a big News Years bash or just a small get together with a few friends (our personal favorite) take the opportunity to add a few festive New Years decorating touches on top of your Christmas decorations.

If you’re like me, you don’t rush to immediately rip down all of your Christmas gear on January 1st. It takes a lot of effort to decorate your home for Christmas, so what’s the big hurry to take it all down? This year, I have been coming up with a few ideas that will simply add to your already beautiful holiday décor while also giving that extra special nod to the impending year!


1. It’s all about the big countdown

Old clocks act as a playful nod to your New Years in your decorating! After all, isn’t that the focus of the whole evening during the countdown to midnight? Take a look around the house to dig up any old alarm clocks you may have laying around or make a trip to thrift store or department store (even target has some options for under $20) to see what you can find. These great antique alarm clocks nestled on the mantel or tucked into your table centerpiece will give the space a great vintage vibe and create the perfectly playful New Years décor.

New Years Decor

New Years Decorating

If you find yourself lacking in the extensive vintage timepiece collection (insert sarcastic tone here) you can always reference the good old timekeeper in your sweets!

2. Have a bubbly good time

Add some visual interest behind your bar or buffet table with some champagne balloon bubbles! Muted colors like gold, silver, white and blush will imitate your favorite bubbly while also staying in tune with your other holiday decorations!New Years Decorating

Or take advantage of the big Christmas decoration sales at Target right now and stock up on some champagne colored Christmas bulbs! These “bubbles” will look great scattered around your dinner table or gathered up in a glass bowl while continuing to add to your New Years theme! The Elizabeth Gordon Studio process is also collaborative as they take time to understand our desires based on their expertise and creativity. They may come up with some good ideas, too!

3. Resolution check

It’s that time again! Many of us use this time of the year to start fresh, break bad habits, and move forward into the new year on the right foot with New Years resolutions. Pick a fun space in your house, and use up some of the Kraft paper from your holiday wrapping, to create a resolution board for your friends and family to join in on. Whether these resolutions are silly or serious, it’s a great way to add some entertaining group fun to your New Years gathering!

Whether you’re planning on enjoying a night out on the town or staying in with friends and family, we at The Spiffy Company wish you a happy and healthy New Year!


It’s that time of the year again and I must admit that I am a full-fledged Christmas fanatic! Nothing says holiday spirit to me more than lugging those big dusty boxes full of ornaments and decorations out of the basement…seriously, I love every bit of this season! I am a winter girl through and through and the holidays are, by far, my favorite time of the year. Luckily, my husband not only goes along with my Christmas decorating frenzy every year but loves it just as much (or so he claims)…either way, Christmas is our favorite! This year, I decided to dial down my decorating a bit (say that five times fast!) and go for more of a “less is more” approach. While I don’t think I would consider myself to be a minimalist when it comes to design, I do have to say that little touches of Christmas decor here and there go a long way. Here is a look at what I’ve done in our house (so far… I’m not always good at just letting things things be) for Christmas this year…

Family Christmas Tree

Christmas Skates Ornament

We got lucky with another almost perfect tree this year from the family Christmas tree farm. I’m a big fan of traditional family ornaments on a tree. The mismatched ornaments look beautiful and are full of memories and just say Christmas to me. I especially loved these wooden skates Joe made with his mom when he was young. These are the little things that make a Christmas tree feel so special.

Target Holiday Throw Pillows Target Christmas Throw Pillows

Some fresh new holiday pillows made the couch more festive! Throw pillows are a great way to brighten up a space without much money or effort!

Christmas Mantel

Just because you aren’t lucky enough to have a great big fireplace in your home, doesn’t mean Santa has to use the front door. One of our solutions is the use of this amazing antique mantel we found at a flea market. Nothing excites me more than a great find like this! This piece gives the feeling of a cozy fireplace and creates the perfect spot to hang your Christmas stockings. Being challenged in the fireplace department doesn’t need to stop you from the excitement of decorating the mantel!

Christmas Living Room

Christmas Living Room

In the dining room I went with silver and gold. This is a great way to make a space feel festive without being restricted to the traditional red and green of the holidays. These great T.J. Maxx vases bring some sparkle to the dining table, without breaking the bank, and can still be used year round.

Christmas Table Holiday Tabletop

Winter Table Setting

I’m also loving this super easy table display with these awesome ruffle napkins. Wrapping the napkins in a piece of twine and sliding a simple sprig of pine in between is a perfect way to bring simple Christmas elegance to the table.

Christmas Chalkboard

I love these little chalkboards I’ve been making out of old thrift store frames. With a little chalkboard spray paint (one of my favorite things lately) you can add cute little notes around the house.

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to holiday decorating and it doesn’t take much to make your home perfectly comfy and cozy for Christmas! What are some of your favorite Christmas decorating ideas?