To be honest, I’ve always kind of scoffed at the idea of a “man cave.” Most if my disdain would come from watching episodes of House Hunters with practically every man expressing his desire for, nay, requirement of the obligatory basement or attic space in which to do whatever it is that these men do. A space of your own to do with whatever you like? pshh. A spot in your house to express your own sense of style? Whatever. Your own little escape from reality when you just need a break? Wait a second…maybe I’m starting to understand. What I don’t understand is why the boys get to have all of the fun!

So when Chairish, my go-to source for vintage furniture and decor, asked me how I would create my ultimate “Woman Cave,” I jumped at the opportunity…because we can’t let the boys have all of the fun ;)

woman cave

Now, my version of a “Woman Cave” is, mostly likely, a bit different from the sports bar/beer mecca of my male counterparts, but the idea is the same. It’s a space where I could go to unwind with my girlfriends, get away from the stresses of life, and do the things I want to do (which may or may not include sappy romantic comedies, trashy reality shows, and the occasional one too many drinks with my girls) that the others in my house aren’t so interested in.

I started with this pair of dreamy vintage barstools from Chairish (check out their full collection of amazing vintage barstools here). I wanted a really calm and comfortable design that would promote relaxation and settle my mind. I stuck with a really neutral base full of metal finishes, natural wood tones, and soft textiles and brought in a little color and contrast with muted artwork and a gorgeous vintage rug.

ultimate woman cave with chairish

reclaimed counter table // vintage barstools // pendant light // artwork // barware

ultimate woman cave with chairish

tufted bench // vintage rug // pillow // tray // napkins // chair

Well, men of House Hunters, I get it now. I’ll take it easier on you next time.

So tell me, what would your Ultimate Woman Cave look like??

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