Well, it’s officially week 5 of the one room challenge! Last week, I left you with a look at our new LVT kitchen flooring and my thoughts on re-painting the kitchen cabinets. (Here’s a reminder of where we were for weeks one, two and three!) While I really thought the white cabinetry was a major improvement, once the floors were down, I started to crave a bit more contrast in the space. With the one week extension of the One Room Challenge, I decided to go for it and I’m so glad that I did!

two-toned kitchen cabinetry

I chose Sherwin Williams’ Link Gray for the lower cabinets and it added the perfect amount of contrast and softness that I was needing in the kitchen. It’s one of those colors that changes throughout the day based on the sunlight, sometimes feeling more warm gray and other times, really showing its green undertones, which I love so much!

I knew I needed this contrast in the space, but I still wanted everything to feel very soft, so I used one of my favorite paint selection tips for deciding on the final cabinetry color. 

two-toned kitchen cabinetry

The wall color in the kitchen, and throughout the majority of our first floor, is Sherwin Williams’ Aloof Gray. When choosing the cabinetry color, in order to add some contrast but in a soft way, I pulled out my paint deck to look at darker shades of that wall color. All colors that share a card on your paint deck will be the same hue, meaning they will be the same base color and have the same undertones but with varying amounts of white or black to make that hue either lighter or darker. Adding black to that base color gives you a darker shade of the original color.

two-toned kitchen cabinetry

The color I ended up choosing for the lower cabinetry was three shades darker than the wall coloring, ensuring that the colors would marry perfectly and provide me with the contrast I was wanting in a soft way. 

two-toned kitchen cabinetry

We also added some additional trim pieces along the bottoms and exposed sides of the cabinets in order to give them a more substantial look and really finish off the edges nicely. 

two-tones kitchen cabinetry

Another noticeable change is the recessed lighting in the space. If you recall, the kitchen originally had one large ceiling fan in the center of the ceiling. This fixture not only created frustrating shadows along the countertops but also made the already small kitchen feel even smaller. The standard 8 foot ceilings and the small footprint of the kitchen really couldn’t handle such a bulky fixture. So, back when we originally opened up the kitchen space into the dining room and the ceiling joists were exposed, we added electrical wiring above the kitchen ceiling knowing that we would eventually want to add recessed lighting.

Even though we lived with that hole in the wall for over a year, when we were finally ready to pop in the recessed lights, the wires were there waiting for us and all we needed to do was cut the holes and insert the fixtures themselves.

two-toned kitchen cabinetry

The standard ceiling instantly felt much taller and the additional lighting sources made using the kitchen in the evenings a whole lot brighter!

two-toned kitchen cabinetry

Even though we still have some work to do in the space, I continually find myself struggling to believe it’s the same kitchen we started with! 

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