window treatment options

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, we’ve been busy getting the trim up on the windows in the living room. We’re working on finishing those up and they should be all set and ready to go by this weekend. I can’t wait to show you what a difference it has made.

Putting the finishing touches on the windows themselves has me daydreaming about a more finished living room (I’m dying to tackle new flooring, baseboards, artwork, styling etc. but they tell me patience is a virtue…) so while I’m waiting for all of the pieces to fall into place, I’ve been playing around with some window treatment options. I’m leaning towards either just a simple inside mounted roman shade, to keep things more minimal feeling or a combination of shades and curtains for a softer, cozier look.

I’ve put together a few mock-ups of different ideas and combinations to get an idea of how it will feel. I’m liking the idea of bamboo shades to provide a little bit of texture in this otherwise white and bright room but classic white shades could be nice too. Also, we could go with lighter, airier curtains or a darker more dramatic option. Choices, choices, choices, people!

Keep in mind that there will eventually be different flooring and new/additional furniture & accessories…so the details will change…but this gives you a pretty good example of how the different options would look. Leave a comment letting me know which mock-up you’re liking the most.

#1, #2, #3 or #4? What are you thoughts?

window treatment options

Bamboo Shades & Light Curtains

window treatment options

White Shades & Dark Curtains

window treatment options

Bamboo Shades, No Curtains & some artwork

window treatment options

White Shades, No Curtains & Some Artwork

Help a girl out and leave a comment below telling me which option you’re feelin’ the most!

Happy Thursday!


  1. #4! I like how it all looks really bright and open and how you can feature artwork between the windows (but I really do love all of the options!)

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